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Intermittent connection issues on various devices on Nest wifi while others have great connection

Community Member

Devices on our Nest mesh wifi network will intermittently have slow connection or lose connection entirely. 

When one device has a bad connection I will run a bandwidth speed test on another device right next to the one with the issue and it will have a great (100+Mbps) connection.  Checking the Google Home app the mesh network has a great connection.  Prioritizing the device through Google Home does not help at all.  Whichever device is having the issue will have either really slow connection or lose connection entirely.  Generally the issue only lasts for <30 minutes.  On my main laptop I was finding it was fairly consistent around 2pm and 5pm - but not always during those times and sometimes other times of the day.  

When it happened with our Amazon Fire stick other devices worked great, and since we have another wifi access point I switched the Fire Stick to the other AP and it works great.  

This is really painful and impacting my ability to work from home - happy to provide any more details and really appreciate any help resolving this Nest wifi issue.


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Having similar issues with Sofi and hardwired devices on our GoogleFi Mesh network. Any firmware or update to fix?

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Same issue here! My doorbell, outdoor camera and my phone show weak connections. Everything else is showing great connection. The weakest ones are the closest to point. I don't get it. If I prioritize (only one can be prioritized) it then causes the other 2 weak connection devices useless. I'd like my cameras and my phone to work at same time-you know, since they are both needed for notifications and the entire point of having it.