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Is it possible to connect each Nest Wifi Pro devices to each port on my modem?

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Is it possible to connect each Nest Wifi Pro device to each port on my modem(provided by my ISP)

I have ethernet cables running across the house to Living/Master/Media/Game rooms. 

Right my setup has a Modem/Wifi router -> NestWifiPro (A) -> unmanaged switch -> multiple points (3 other NestWifiPro - B,C,D).

The problem with this setup is that the speed coming out of each point is low when compared to the main one (A).

I'm thinking of connecting each NestWifiPro to the each port on the Modem, completely avoid the switch.
Modem/Wifi router -> NestWifiPro (A, B, C, D - through each ethernet port)

I have already configured the Modem/WifiRouter by AT&T to use IP Passthrough, disabled wifi on this modem. But this didn't make any difference.





Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

No, that's not possible. The wired secondary units must be connected downstream of the main/primary/master unit. Like so:

It sounds like your modem has built in router functionality, make sure that's disabled, a.k.a. bridge mode or bypass mode. More on that:

Also, make sure you got a unmanaged gigabit capable switch, with no loop detection like STP (spanning tree protocol).

I don't work for Google.

Thanks for the response, right now this is how I configured the mesh.  I already disabled the wifi and enabled passthrough mode on my At&t modem/router.  And looks like there's nothing much i could do with the setup.

Anyway thanks for the input.