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Issue with home network when ISP fails

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So my ISP fiber has a regional outage the past 48hours and that has caused my home network to go offline.  I have 1 nest pro router plugged into my isp modem and 5 nodes around the house.  Since the fibre dropped so did all connectivity on my home wifi network.  The nodes are all offline.  Son of won't work, lights won't work, etc.  Google customer support say no if the ISP has no internet the mesh system won't work.  That doesn't sound right but they basically told me they couldn't help unless the ISP fully functions.  I would have expected the internal network to the house to still work.  I see the network and can connect to it and have an IP address on all the connected equipment but the nodes appear offline and I can connect with anything.  I asked to trouble shoot and google refused and then cut the support session.  Am I missing something?


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Hi Rachel this has nothing to do with Android devices -  the google nest pro wifi not working as a LAN as the isp internet is down...

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,

@MaxwellB, thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. You mentioned that you are already in contact with our Google support. Could you provide the case ID number of your interaction so I can take a look at your case?

Thanks for the help, @RachelGomez123.




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Hi Abi 

Here's the transcript, its not really support tbh - not the  kind i had expected from one of the worlds most important technology companies, the transcript before they decided not to help me:


Thanks for contacting support.

You can find a copy of the conversation you requested below.

Chat transcript for case: 8-7087000034219
Mar 19, 10:54 AM (Pacific Time)

10:54:21 AM Nicolls: Nicolls joined the conversation
10:54:22 AM Max Beckett: Max Beckett joined the conversation
10:54:23 AM Nicolls: Hi! Welcome to Wifi support. My name is Nicolls. For future reference, your case ID is 8-7087000034219. How are you today?
10:54:59 AM Max Beckett: I am ok but my is fibre was cut and not only is the internet down but so is the wan on my nest mesh system
10:55:19 AM Nicolls: I see, I'm sorry to hear that.
10:55:38 AM Max Beckett: 79A2B95F-4D56-46A5-8FAE-4020BCD0EB94.png
10:55:56 AM Nicolls: I understand how upsetting this can be. Let's work together towards resolving this situation.
10:56:21 AM Max Beckett: See attached - I would have expected to be able to use the internal wifi network for say my son is, etc
10:56:49 AM Max Beckett: sonos not son is
10:57:39 AM Nicolls: Got it, thanks.
10:57:49 AM Max Beckett: Other page
10:57:50 AM Max Beckett: DC0ED526-8201-49BC-9C9B-A63B3D59D715.png
10:58:47 AM Max Beckett: So using my 4g from home to chat as the isp can't tell me when they will repair the fibre cut - it seems to be our whole region
10:59:29 AM Nicolls: I am sorry to hear that, but in this case you need to check what happen with your modem connection. 
10:59:59 AM Nicolls: Because the modem provides connection to your wifi points. 
11:01:52 AM Max Beckett: I connect the main router - google nest pro - to the modem and then the other mesh nodes connect to that.  This should be independent of the internet no?  So even if internet is down the main router should let me use the internal network no?
11:01:52 AM Max Beckett: 96675BA7-2A80-4D2B-B147-68B80C44D98D.jpeg
11:02:29 AM Nicolls: No, they need get connection from your modem. 
11:02:48 AM Max Beckett: as I said the isp fibre is cut - that shouldn't kill my home network, only stop me accessing the internet surely?
11:03:12 AM Max Beckett: when you say connection what do you mean ?
11:03:25 AM Nicolls: Internet. 
11:04:16 AM Nicolls: If the internet is cut, it will affect the wifi connection of your Google Nest Wifi points.
11:07:07 AM Max Beckett: I have an ip address and so why no internal network
11:07:07 AM Max Beckett: C71466EE-371C-4492-AC1B-EB57E241403A.png
11:07:38 AM Max Beckett: Can we maybe get into the technical specifics as you are not really helping me much
11:08:05 AM Max Beckett: or can we escalate this to someone that can help me on the technical speciifics
11:08:55 AM Max Beckett: my old mesh system didn't shut down when the Internet was lost
11:09:12 AM Nicolls: I am sorry to hear that, but in this case we need to check what happened with your modem connection.
11:09:39 AM Nicolls: How I tell you, if the internet is cut, it will affect the wifi connection of your Google Nest Wifi points.
11:10:36 AM Max Beckett:  sorry but that's not really much help, I have never had a mesh system that requires rhebisp internet to work as a lan, that's madness
11:11:06 AM Max Beckett:  is there a technician I can talk to please 
11:11:52 AM Max Beckett: as if that's the case I will send back the 6 nodes I bought get a refund and buy a linksys with a backhaul
11:12:04 AM Nicolls: I am sorry, but I am not able to transfer you over to a technician.
11:12:17 AM Nicolls: If you want, you can contact your ISP and check with them the connection of your modem.
11:14:18 AM Max Beckett:  I know the problem with my isp - I want to understand technically why the $1000 system on 6e I bought from you won't run a wan without an active internet connection - this is meant to be technical support right?  Not Mickey mouse pass the buck and refuse to help the customer is it?
11:14:58 AM Max Beckett: so I need to talk to a technician who speaks tech if you can assist with that or pass me to a manager 
11:15:58 AM Max Beckett: or escalate this to someone that can help me understand if I just wasted my time and money or there is a workaround when the isp drops thebinternet
11:16:27 AM Max Beckett:  internet as that happens....and then I still need the wan at home for printers and music and lights
11:16:55 AM Max Beckett:  and if I can't get that you will love the next review in wired😡
11:18:07 AM Max Beckett: Or I suppose you could just vanish and leave me hanging😤 😡
11:18:52 AM Nicolls: I understand, but we are not able to troubleshoot your issue.
11:19:24 AM Max Beckett: Why?
11:20:10 AM Max Beckett: what do you exist for if you can't?  That's a breach of my consumer rights and your obligations when you sell a product to provide adequate support?
11:20:27 AM Max Beckett: Who can help me trouble shoot?
11:21:28 AM Nicolls: Because the Nest Wifi is a router not a modem they need the internet from the modem. 
11:21:47 AM Nicolls: That's why when your internet goes down the mesh too. 
11:22:40 AM Max Beckett: some can I raise a complaint please as I am not satisfied and you dont seem to be able to help at all nor will you transfer me to someone who can.
11:23:09 AM Max Beckett: i know what you are saying and I need a workaround or I don't need your product as what you are saying makes no sense to me
11:23:47 AM Nicolls: I've given you the answer, and I have other customers who need my assistance, so I'll be ending this chat now. Thank you for contacting Google Support and have a good day.
11:23:54 AM Nicolls: Nicolls left the conversation
11:23:55 AM Nicolls: Nicolls ended the conversation


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 I can see the wifi, the mesh says it's working, I can see the devices, I can see an p and dns assigned, but I can't for instance use the share printer or sonos or file shares over it.......the issue is my isp often goes offline as the provider is problematic and so having the lan as well as wan drop is a problem I had not anticipated it really true if the internet is not working the internal home network lan wont work?  I don't understand how I buy a product that the seller refuses to support or help me with so I wait weeks hoping for a community support to assist - it's bananas.......and why I only use apple.... aside from this once........




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello MaxwellB,

Thanks for the update. My apologies for the late reply. I’m sorry about your experience with our Google support. Regarding your question, you won’t be able to access your internal home network if your Internet is not working since your mesh system will need Internet connection for it to work. Please let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll be happy to help out.


So, at close to a grand invested after buying 2 boxes of 3 mesh google nest wifi pros -  that still don’t cover my house as brick walls and double glazed windows are not friends to your mesh system - and months of shocking customer support - I understand that to if the isp goes down so does my wifi on the wan and the lan.  I have asked why I can’t use a lan on the mesh without it - so what is the technical reason - so I can understand as  I feel today that I wasted my money and need to change my system.  I need the lan to work even if the isp is down and if it does not then its deficient.  Where is this noted on the box or on the advertising?  How should I have know this.  Why did my lan work on my previous non wifi 6 system.   Google support are like a republican at a senate hearing - never answering a question properly…….another once great company that got too big, thinks it’s too big to fail and so treats its users with disdain.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi MaxwellB, 

We want to ensure you are good to go. Please reply to this thread if you still need assistance so we can give you a helping hand.