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LAN settings help with static IP's on network

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I'm not exactly an IT specialist so bear with me on this one.  

I have my regular local network with things like printers, camera and NAS storage setup with static IP addresses.  anytime I connect to the google mesh network it's assigning a new IP address that is 192.168.86.XXX instead of the 192.168.1.XXX.  So if i'm on the google network I can't see any IP device on the main network.  

I have fios with the router/wifi combo that also talks to the cable box just for additional info.  I've read that I can attach the primary google mesh device directly to the router and then run a line from the WAN port of the google to my main network switch to solve the problem but will that then assign a new IP address to all my wired devices?  

i'm a bit confused, hopefully all that made sense  


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

The primary Nest Wifi puck will act as a router, with NAT, firewall and DHCP. Thus, devices connected before it (modem) and after it (wirelessly or the LAN port) won't be able to communicate.

Solution is to put all LAN devices behind the primary Nest Wifi puck. If you need more LAN ports connect an unmanaged switch to its' LAN port.

You should also put your modem in bridge mode to avoid double NAT while you are at it.

If you need static IPs on Nest Wifi, what you are looking for is DHCP reservations:

I don't work for Google.