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Low performance over wired connection, WiFi works to the same node!

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So I have a network with a router, two points, and a second router being used as a point and wired connection. The performance from router to modem, other points, etc. is just dandy. The second router is out in my "he shed", up about 10ft off the ground, on the side of the shed facing the house, and the mesh test reports it has a "great" connection (sure would like more information than that). 

The wired connection runs from the router to a switch, and at the moment, from the switch to a PC. That PC also has a WiFi device. 

Here's the problem. I'm running SpeedTest on the WiFi connection, I see about 100Mb/s down, 20Mb/s up. That's reasonable enough. When I'm on the wired connection, I'm seeing 2Mb/s down, 30Mb/s up. What is going on here? I have tried different ethernet cables, different ports on the router. I have not yet tried the PC directly to the router, but clearly, I do have a good connection, but it seems like the Router has simply decided to treat the wired connection poorly. 

As well as the PC, I have a number of IoT switches on 2.4GHz here in the shed, and a Google Smart Display on 5GHz. That's it for the shed, far as I know (it is annoying to get actual information out of the mesh, but given that this is the first problem I've had with this since I installed the mesh, hard to complain too loudly). So it doesn't make sense that this node would not be serving the wired connection properly. 


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After posting this, I did absolutely nothing else. Came back about two weeks later, and the wired connection was working very well... just got 350Mb/s on my 200Mb/s service downlink. I guess I'm good with problems being magically cured by software after revealing them... or just not being patient enough for the Nest router to figure out what I want and reconfigure itself. I assume one of these things happened -- no wires or GigE switches were changed! 

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Community Specialist

Hey, DaveHaynie.

Thanks for the update! I'm glad everything is working correctly. That's always good news. Since we have this resolved, I'm going to go ahead and close the thread, but if anything happens in the future or you need anything else, please feel free to open a discussion up.