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Google Nest Wifi Pro weak connection

So I just setup my Nest Wifi Pro and 1 of the 3 say weak connection. My question is are these needing to be closer than the original Nest Wifi? I have setup all 3 in the same exact positions I had my original Nest Wifi installed and those were great ...

Patrick87 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest Pro - Weak Mesh Connection with Wired Backhaul

I installed a four-point, google nest, pro system, set up all endpoints with wired backhaul. I have it all wired with cat6. Unfortunately, even while the endpoints are wired together with cat6, Google still reports a weak mesh connection. First off, ...

Dunns by Community Member
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Problems with Xfinity App on Apple and Roku Devices

In the last week, our Apple devices (Apple TV, Ipad, IPhone) and Rokus are having problems with the Xfinity streaming app. Random channels will not connect and tune into the channel. Been working with Xfinity, but everything is checking out. Other ap...

HK18 by Community Member
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Resolved! Guest networks

I know this has been addressed before in 2021 but I would like to know if anything has changed. Can you create more than one guest network on the Nest WiFi? If not, why doesn’t Google allow this or fix the issue to allow it? I believe a lot of people...

Isolating a Device to Local Network Only

Have a wifi connected device (laser cutter) that only needs to communicate on the local network. It turns out this device communicates externally (without user consent) and can also be disabled remotely by the company. Would like to continue using th...

Nest Wifi has internet with full speeds, but wifi test fails

I've been running speed tests through downloadable phone app and getting less than 1 mbps when my network is running slow. I also run speed tests on the router for hardline connection, but get the full speeds of my subscription plan wit...

EvokeWzdm by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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google nest point stopped working

I am having the same problem that I've seen countless other people on this forum having. I have a nest and one of the points all of a sudden stopped connecting (after it has worked fine for several months). I've tried everything that others on this f...

raknuck by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Router not connecting

I've done a factory reset when my internet went down. Rebooted everything multiple times. Inter is connected but router flashing slow white. Can't get it past slow white. No connection. Can't believe Google doesn't provide any chat or phone support. ...

Ebutton by Community Member
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Google WiFi Point Not Connecting

I already have a google Wi-Fi network set up. Was trying to add a couple additional google Wi-Fi points to the network. It should be the easiest installation but when I power up my new puck and then try to connect to the puck, the app times out and s...

Hufif by Community Member
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