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More than one Hardwired Wifi Pro Nest?

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I would like to have two of my three Wi-Fi nest pro units physically plugged into my internet modem router and one of them acting as an “extender”.

Do I then need the to have a switch from my internet modem router that splits its LAN1 port to the two Wi-Fi nest pro units I want a physical Ethernet connection to? How would I perform this setup with the app? 

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Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @Mikemike1 

You are correct about the switch. If you connect an unmanaged switch on your LAN part of your first Nest Wifi Pro you should be good.

The best setup for your situation will be like this:


Thanks a lot do the confirmation! 

I've been trying to do this, but I cannot seem to get my Wifi Points to use the Wired connection. When I look in the app, even when they're connected like this, the connection type remains "wireless." I factory reset one of the points and same issue. I grabbed a completely different switch (a small Rosewill one I had laying around) just to make sure it wasn't my TP-Link, and same story. I have the Google Wifi (set of 3), which is supposed to support wired backhaul but can't make it work to save my life. Any thoughts?

I did just as RXshorty said and used an unmanaged switch and hardwired all 3 of my pro nests. The only weird thing was that after they had connected the app said “testing mesh” or something and came to the conclusion that I had a “weak connection”. Very strange considering they are wired together. Apart from that it worked like a charm and I have a strong signal everywhere and good handover.

I see this as well.  My theory is that even wired the points still want to wireless talk to each other for the MESH part.  My assumption is that you have the wired speed to that point and anything within range would get good connections.   But your point to point communication is weak, which doesn't really matter as they are wired.  I would love to have an expert confirm this though

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey mstarr3,


The points do talk to each other wirelessly over the 6GHz band. I will verify with our teams if your assumption is correct that they will still talk to one another over the wireless band even if they are all connected by ethernet, but my suspicion is that you are correct. I'll get some solid answers for you, however.




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I am having the same issue.  My nest Pro setup is just like the picture above but the 2 Wi-Fi points won’t use their ethernet connections.  I have confirmed that both Ethernet connections are hot by plugging in other devices.  However in the Google Home app, both wi-fi points show “Connection Type: Wireless”. The wireless mesh is working and I’m getting good Wi-Fi on my network but I bought this system specifically to use Ethernet backhaul.  How do make the system recognize the Ethernet connections?