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Nest WiFi Pro wired connection is about 10% of what it was on Nest WiFi

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So, my WiFi Pro arrived today and I was really excited to get it setup. I set everything up using the Google Home app and downloaded the updates. I have a fiber gigabit connection from my provider and their most recent modem. My wired connections are pegged to about 90Mbps. My Nest WiFi (non Pro) was getting 900+Mbps wired.

My troubleshooting has been the following:

  • Restart the Nest WiFi Pro network
  • Restart the modem
  • Restart all switches
  • Reboot the hard wired computers

My Nest WiFi Pro is in DHCP WAN mode and connected directly to the 10Gbps ethernet port on my modem. I am using a mix of CAT 5 and CAT 6 cabling and my switches are all gigabit or higher.

Plugging the old Nest WiFi (non Pro) back in yields 900+Mbps on wired connections.

I think something is wrong


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Incorrect. You could use even one of the three. They are not in a set joined in any way together. 

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to jump in again and let you know that a new firmware release is going out now to Nest Wifi Pro devices. You won't need to do anything to receive the update and it will install automatically once it's available for your hardware. The update will be pushed out to all users by the end of this week. There are a variety of performance updates and bug fixes in the release, so I'm hoping this clears up the issues you're seeing here. Let me know if you have any questions about the update.

Also, we'll keep this thread open so everyone can chime in.


Thanks for the info @Jhonleanmel .  My return window closes today.  Any chance Google can extend my return window while I wait for the update to hit or do I need to return it and then buy it again later after others confirm the update works?

Updated my unit and tried again, wired speeds are back to normal, WiFi speeds are improved but still nowhere near what I get from the same WiFi Pro if I put another router before it (400 Mbps as only-WiFi and 100Mbps as PPoE+WiFi), I hope you keep looking into this and improving it.

Hi, no change for me. My old Nest WiFi 5 (WiFi) remains faster than the Nest WiFi Pro 6 WiFi ...  

Issue still not resolved for me. If I am in the same room as the main nest pro wired to my 1Gb fiber gateway, speed is good. As long as I'm within 5ft of the router. I'll get 700-800Mb when running speed test. But if I mine to other rooms where the other points are, drops to 50Mb-300Mb max. My Samsung s21 Ultra shows it is connected to wifi 6e. But speed is dismal. 5G cellular is much faster. Are the other mesh pucks not capable of fast speeds up to 800-900Mb? I got 6GHz channel enabled and none of my new 6e devices are fast when going thru mesh. Only 5ft from main router. I also used a wifi analyzer on my PC and the signal strength seems poor. But mesh test shows great connection. I'm the only one near me with 6GHz channel wifi in my neighborhood. My neighbors 5GHz shows stronger connection then what I'm getting out of 3 mesh points in a 1350sqft 3 bedroom house.

Engineers need to still look into a fix. Issue not resolved. 

The performance issue with PPPoE seems to be fixed, but the "Internet Speed Test" in the Google Home app shows only around 150mbps download speed though the actual speed is 1gbps and the actual download speed is close to that.

So it looks like the Google Home app shows the wrong download speed, the displayed upload speed looks correct though. That might cause some confusion with customers.

Same issue on my end.   At least actual speeds have improved.

Internet speed test in the Google Home app has always showed me fast speeds. That's the direct hard wired speed from the main point. The issue  remains with wifi speeds being poor, and devices keep reverting to using 2.4ghz and slow 5ghz with max of 300Mb/s speeds. Doesn't matter what device I use. Tried some friends 6e devices and they get poor speeds. Unless you are near the main point within 5ft. I'm not confused as I work on it support for over 15 years. I know how to configure networks. Old nest wifi still faster.

At this point going to see if I can still return these devices to Google store. It's past return date now. 

The very few user's this  affected only  in the UK will be so pleased! 🀑

Looking at the feedback, it seems to still not be working, randomly.  So even those few rare unicorn users in the UK won't be pleased.  And maybe now, they'll have to start to acknowledge the whole world is full of hordes of unicorns with the same random issues.  How magical. πŸͺ„βœ¨

Update didn't fix it for me. In fact, I think things are worse because speeds are now random. I never see download speeds above 450Mbps (usually they are around 200Mbps) and my upload speeds range from 50Mbps to 100Mbps. These are speeds directly at the main Nest router. Speeds were much faster with old Nest Wifi. I have Gig internet (up and down) which usually sits around 900Mbps actual speeds up and down.

When running an internet speed test through my wired PC, I get HORRIBLE speeds. Download isn't above 200Mbps and upload isn't above 40Mbps (usually it doesn't make it out of the single digits).

I have restarted each router (second router is in wired mesh mode - same as previous setup). I've also tried running them in wireless mesh mode, but no change. I've rebooted all devices connected (wired and wireless). I've also tried DNS changes with no change.

It's clear that they implemented a messy, ad hoc patch.  You're running an unreliable system now.  Every day will throw some unwelcome surprises.

Looks like you celebrated too early.  The problem is still all over the place, and now it seems to act more randomly.  This is not going away any time soon.  You better unmark your reply as a "solution", because it is in fact not.

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This update did not fix the issue with 90Mbps speeds for wired clients, wireless clients work fine.

My Nest Wifi points are all hardwired, and they all get Weak connections now, probably because they are also capped at 90Mbps.


I'm on a 1Gbit internet connection in Sweden without PPPoE, with exactly the same setup, but with the old Nest Wifi, all my wired clients got constant solid 948Mbps now they randomly get capped at 90Mbps, and a restart of the network helps for a few hours. sometimes it takes multiple restarts to get back to higher speeds.


The older Google Nest Wifi was super stable at 948Mbps. The PRO version is super flaky, even when it's not capped at 90Mbps.

So my google Wi-Fi pro was only getting me 90 Mbps then on Tuesday after a factory reset it went up to 890 mobs (yay) but alas the next day it started capping out at 90 Mbps again. I don’t want to return it if google would at least seen concern when I call but unfortunately I get the β€œhave you turned it off and back on again?” That was a long sentence. HELP!! Please?

Just got the 1.63.324946 update on my Pro and am still having the same speed restriction issue. My wired clients will get the ~1Gbps up/down, whereas my wireless clients are still getting 100-200Mbps.

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I received the update and wired connection has not improved.

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Same here. The update did improve things, but overall the Nest Wifi Pro is slower than Nest Wifi.

Given the issues are not resolved with the update, although they are improved, it would be nice to see that this issue is not marked as answered/resolved. Given it is understood what the optics are for perception management, is the desire that we spin up a new post on this topic?

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At least after the update, my router now survives for more than a day without a restart! Thank you, Google! πŸ˜…

For what it's worth, I don't have Gb internet so I am not a good reference. However, my wife often gets poor video calls quality on TEAM, people complain that her sound's cutting off. She has to turn off the camera to lower to keep the sound going.

After the update, it did seem to happen less, but it still happens.

I contacted Google support, here are the few things that we did:

  • change DNS from Auto or ISP to Custom, use only Google DNS,
  • turn off Nest Wifi Cloud service
  • restart Network to make sure these 2 things applies
  • turn back on Nest wifi Cloud service
  • I also have Preferred activities OFF since it made things way worse before

My internet speed test is consistence but again I only have 100Mb/10Mb down. (I am cheap πŸ™‚ )

if anyone can try these, perhaps it could help.

I am also ok to return the Pro outside of return windows since Google knows that it is an issue according to support.

You're problem is the upload speed. Not fast enough to send your video to others. My mom has 10Mb as well and her Alexa video is very choppy and blurry due to it. Time to pay your ISP more and get more upload speed. 100Mb/10Mb is extremely slow. Must be in a rural area and cable. Get fiber if can do.

no, we never had problem until we switched to Nest Wifi Pro. FYI

100 down and 10 up to more than enough.

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I’ve tried many times now to trigger the update but no joy. Hoping I wake up in the morning and it’s done 😩

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Still no luck getting the firmware update.  Very Odd that this can't be manually triggered.   

I've done a factory reset, reconfigured, then restarted twice.  Then added a mesh point, and restarted again.  Then added a second mesh point and restarted again.   Did two more restarts and still no update.

My return window closes today, so this is going back tonight if the update does not come through in the next couple of hours.

Not sure if it makes a difference but I rebooted using the home app, not by pulling the plug from the back. I know they roll the update out, hopefully it comes in the next couple of hours.

Returning and buy back

I did the same as well and nothing I also use the app to reboot it

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Instigate the return today. You then have another 14 days to get routers collected by DHL. No update off they go to Poland, if working fine just keep them.

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After a couple of factory resets the upgrade finally came through and seems to have fixed the speed issue (thankfully) I still feel that this could have been so much of a better experience. Yes we understand that bugs sometimes still need fixing after the release (although this seems a big enough issue that in my eyes it should have been spotted prior to release) but even still with better communication, customer service and less "bot like" responses from support staff this could have been a lot less frustrating for us suffering from the issues.

And was an extended return date really too much to ask for??


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The update seems to have unlocked the speeds but the range is awful. I’m on a 900mbps connection and right in front of the router my iPhone is pulling 600mbps but move 6 foot away that’s down to 450mps. Upstairs it’s about 200 max with buffering on all devices as you see the signal strength going up and down. 


My old router, a BT HomeHub 2, didn’t have this issue with range at all. The home is quite small so it’s really surprising how poor the strength is! What is pro about this router? My ISP provided, WiFi 5 router out performs it!

Interesting.  This is highly suggestive of a fundamental problem they can't get fixed.  I wouldn't be surprised if you'll never see the advertised speeds, at a decent range.

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I can't seem to get the update!  I've restarted several times both by unplugging the device and also by using the restart network feature within the app.  Why on earth is there no way to force the update??  Google treating everyone like cattle. 

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Whats the problem with waiting some days. If you use Nest WiFi, you know that its a configure and forget device. Why are you complaining then?

They are complaining because their device is broken.  They shouldn't have to wait some days to get a working device.  They bought it, paid for it, and it should be working as specified.

Nowhere it works like that.

I don't see how that is relevant to their right to complain about acquiring a device not working to stated specifications.

The person is complaining because he isn’t getting anywhere the speed he should be getting with his devices. 

why should customers have to wait for a fix? Companies no longer focus on quality control. It’s sad. 

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Can anyone in the UK who has had the update confirm what the new software version number is?