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Nest Wifi Pro - Wired Backhaul troubleshooting

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Hello lovely people. I have a new Nest WiFi Pro set up, and I cannot make the wired backhaul work up to speed.

My setup is as follows:
- Living room
- Modem wall box
- Office

Currently, the modem wall box has a wired connection throughout the house, so what I have done is have a LAN cable out of the modem to the living room, where I have a Nest Wifi Pro. This is seamless, and I get a max ISP speed of 500-550MBps and, at times, 750MBps (depending on ISP).

Scenario 1 (current).
In the office. Another LAN cable is coming out of the modem directed to the office, and I connect another Nest Wifi Pro via LAN cable. The connection is stable, but I get nothing more than 70-80MBps (when it is 500MBps in the living room). This is a wired backhaul via the modem, maybe? Is it even that?

Scenario 2 (Previously tested).
I took a LAN cable out of the living room Nest Wifi Pro (since I have two ports available) and connected it through the wall cables to the office. I connected that to the Nest Wifi pro in the office - this is supposedly another wired backhaul. I got maximum 70-80MBps here again.

I rather scenario one because that allows the freed-up port on the Nest Wifi Pro in the living room for other things but what is the most critical scenario for me is that I get the Office speeds up much higher than it is. I have upgraded the cables because I could see inconsistencies between cables. Now all the cables should be fine, but I cannot figure out why the office nest wifi pro, whether directly connected to the living room or directly to the modem does not go beyond the 70-80MBps. Any help?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Here is a diagram on how wired backhaul should be done:

Make sure to use an unmanaged switch with no loop detection/prevention features.

Preferably also put the modem in bridge mode, sometimes called bypass mode, to avoid double NAT.

I don't work for Google.

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Thanks a lot for this.

I will review all the connections and try adding a switch. I will revert with the results. I have noticed that, at times, speed and performance change without any adding/changes what so ever.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey IhabAhmed,


I just wanted to follow up to see if you had a chance to try those suggestions from olavrb and to see if it helped work out the issues you were facing. If you're still having troubles, please let us know.