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Nest router point drops signal

Community Member

I'm using two google nest routers. One from the source, and another acting as a point in a room two walls away that is then wired into a desktop tower.


Randomly, to the tune of about once or twice a week, the secondary router will drop all signal. It'll act like it's trying to broadcast, blocking wifi connection on devices trying to attach to the network. 


Beyond that, about every two weeks it drops so hard that I have to fully factory reset the nest router to get it to reconnect as simply unplugging and replugging it won't work.


Suggestions on how to get a stable connection? When it works it works great! 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Amroc987,

Thanks for posting — let's get this sorted out. 

Just to check: is this Google Nest Router in question set as wired or wireless mesh point? Kindly check Where to place your Wifi devices and then monitor its performance. Let me know how it goes.