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Nest wifi randomly going offline

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For the past week my Google nest Wi-Fi go randomly off-line. There have been absolutely no other changes in my network or environment that could cause this. I’ve had no issues prior to this. 

I can see a couple of posts in the forum of a similar vein, has anybody been able to solve this issue? Is it a firmware problem?

I’ve done a full factory reset which hasn’t helped, and in fact seems to have made it worse. 

Setup: Router (firmware 13729.57.27) and 2 points (firmware 1.54.267572)

any ideas?





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@Jeff - your statement comes across as inconsiderate and belittling of those who have posted here in the past month.  I reset my devices yesterday.  The firmware is still on 13729.57.27; indicating no changes have been pushed in the past several months.


Let me explain my current network setup:

I have an internet connection that goes into a Sophos firewall.  From there, it has a leg into a DMZ on a switch where my servers live.  My desktop has its own direct connection to the firewall.  None of these devices lose connectivity to the internet.  This includes the past 2 months of tracking.  They are all on UPS systems, and have 100% up time since I patched them in November.


My wifi is on its own dedicated connection off the sophos firewall.  Also has a UPS system.  I have tried the other NICs and different cords to rule out any physical topology issues.  My primary device is a google nest wifi router (h2d).  The entire mesh consists of an additional 2 nest wifi routers (h2d), 1 nest wifi point (h2e) and 3 google wifi points (2x ac-1304 / 1x nls-1304-25); for a grand total of 7 mesh devices.  I live in an old farm house with a bunch of out buildings. This setup gives great coverage with “great” or “good” connections between all mesh devices 95% of the time.


The system goes… unresponsive at least once a day.  At least one AP goes unresponsive every few hours.  When this happens and someone is home, they tell the primary router through the google home app to restart the entire network.  When it comes back online 5 minutes later; everything works great, until one of the key hops to where said person is using the wifi goes unresponsive again.


I say unresponsive- because they do become unresponsive.  They no longer respond to pings; no longer pass traffic.  They can still be connected to, however.  Sometimes, they briefly go into a “setup mode”, and you see the setup mode wifi being broadcast.  Sometimes, you get an extra of the “same network name” as what network you expect as if they disjoint from the rest of the network and no longer are part of the wider mesh.


This all leads me to believe you have several bugs.  I’m a senior network engineer by job description.  I bought these back in the day because they were simple and easy to set up.  (I work at work, I don’t want to work at home too)


Help me (and everyone else) by getting this product fixed.  To point out the obvious, it looks like you’re just here to play lip service in a pale attempt to prevent a lawsuit until all warranties are expired.  It… disappointing.  Prove me wrong, please.

Dragged the system put of the box in the basement to check firmware. Same version of firmware,  13729.57.27. Will let it sit on for a day to see if it updates. Ironically, it went out about 10 minutes after being plugged in...

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Jeff, still having this issue. While I haven't posted before this issue has been ongoing for months. I see the access points go offline and then have to walk around to the 3 and unplug them in order for them to reconnect. Please tell me Google doesn't think this is fixed. 

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This happened as recently as once or twice a week the last several weeks. Including last week. Reset (unplug / plug) 'fixes' but take up to 10m for wifi and points to come back up. Which is unacceptable and untenable during a work video call or during the work day. Then a few days later the issue will happen again.


Frankly individual trouble shooting isn't going to help, as multiple people on this thread (and other pals of mine with Google wifi have reported to me) have tried that multiple times with Google support. Moving points (sometimes into the same room!!!) Dns settings, ipv6, bridge modes, blame Verizon or ISP, factory reset, use 'less points' (wtf) they have all been tried. 


Honestly there's clearly a fundamental issue with the ability Google mesh to repair itself when it gets into a bad state. This has been ongoing since last fall. Support is aware when we call them but can do nothing. Frankly beyond unacceptable.

We have all asked for more concrete info on what exactly the engineering is saying the issue is, and why it is not a prioritized fix. Can we get any of them to participate in this forum?? This is a production bug that has shipped and has not been fixed for months, I can't believe that's how a product team is being run. 

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New here but same issues as everyone else.  Drops at least once a day and only a power cycle of everything will fix it for a few short hours.  

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It’s happening to me everyday, all day and also in the early evening.  

I have recommended Google WiFi to so many people, and now I’m embarrassed   

Without time to chase this, I’m forced to move to another system. I have chosen to try  eero Pro 6 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router.  Fingers crossed. 

Thanks for the suggestion, it's been over a year and they still haven't solved this problem.  Wish I could sell the units I have, but I really can't in good conscience sell people stuff that only works partially. 

I had the exact same thoughts! I would love to recoup some of the $ I lost on this flaky system but I will not push it onto someone else. 

I followed the same path as you. A few weeks with the Eero Pro 6 now and so far, so good. Hoping it remains reliable. These systems should be rock solid given how expensive they are! 

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I don't know how you're monitoring this thread, but there are multiple new comments and replies on this thread daily, because the issue is ongoing and Google has been dismissive and ignorant of the issue in regards to it's customers that have these defective devices. 

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Still the same issue

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How can you not see all the current/ frequent comments? Surely you've just somehow missed them all...

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This is happening daily. It drops in the middle of important work meetings and it out for 5 minutes before coming back online by itself. It’s honestly pretty embarrassing when it happens. 

That was the last straw for me as well. Netflix going out saying "Not Connected" at night was annoying, but when I lost 4 client Zoom calls in the span of a few days in December I gave up and went with Netgear. I documented more than a dozen disconnections a day for one week straight in December with the Google devices.

Since I unplugged Google? Zero outages in more than 3 months with Netgear.

Every month, I heard, "We are aware of the problem and are looking into it." And every month, the fixes don't solve the problem. I pulled the Google equipment out of the basement over the weekend, hooked it up, and within minutes had it disconnect!

Buy something, really anything, else.

Your daily reminder, @Jeff - had to reboot the system again this morning as some devices went unresponsive.  Still no firmware update.  Still a problem.  Do you still need a daily reminder?

@Jeff - this is your regular reminder that this is still an issue even on the new firmware.  I just had to restart the whole network again.  The new firmware did NOT fix the issue.  Please escalate this to your supervisor.

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Definitely still a problem!

Your regular reminder - I again needed to reset my devices today, including a hard reboot of one of them.  They are on the new firmware.  They still have issues.  Please advise.  @Jeff 

please escalate this issue to your supervisor to be addressed.

I confirm. This is still not fixed !

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I just started having the same issues.  Rebooting the router only fixes the router signal. All the mesh nodes remain offline  and need rebooted to bring them back online. 

What hardware has anyone changed to that is reliable?

@Jeff - this is your regular reminder that this is still an issue.  New firmware did not fix it.  This thread has not died.  The problem has not gone away.

Absolutely, I can still see a lot of disconnects.

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How do you notice they things are disconnected? Does it notify you?

@Jeff And this particular thread is not the ONLY one reporting these issues. I was just seeing some other that started separate topic for the same thing. Take a look. 

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@Jeff how is that possible to have this issue running for such a long time ? We're all wondering if there's an engineering team actually working on this product!

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  • It must be raining where you are as your bored! Dude this will never be fixed! Jeff isn’t real. He's an AI BOT. Going on 2 years now. 

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@JeffI have the latest firmware on my nest system.  it has been two weeks so far with no issues.  I hope it continues.  Are you a real person?

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I’m definitely having this problem… my router wi-fi software version is 14150.43.80

What am I supposed to do?


a reminder that this is still an issue and has NOT been resolved

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Yes. Nothing has changed. The points drop out randomly multiple times a day and don't come back online. The fact that there is no fix almost a year after first reports is a sad indictment on how Google feels about it's customers.

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I continue to have the same issue as everyone else. Why must I get rid of this expensive equipment because you can't correct the flaws. The first post about this problem was over a year ago. Your GOOGLE , fix your problems are create a way to get our refund on this equipment.

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Maybe google team needs to do more googling to find the solution 🤣

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Jeff - same issues here with dropped internet connection and WiFi points going offline. I’m ready to start a class action lawsuit, who else is with me?

Hundreds and hundreds of people are with you, maybe thousands, of which most have moved on with new systems, this is an old thread and a lot of posts have disappeared. Google has no intention of doing the right thing.

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Initially, why doesn't this forum/topic sort by date? I see posts from a week ago and then year-old posts after that, and then back a 3 week old post, etc. How can someone follow current info without date-based sorting?


Second, I too have had Google wifi points inexplicably go offline while the others, and the overall internet, are fine and still work.  Almost every time the offline point will go back online, but it's after hours of being offline.  Or I unplug/replug it and it's fine again.  And sometimes multiple points (I have 5 total) will drop offline, sometimes coming back online on their own hours later and some I have to manually unplug/replug one.


For me this all started just a few months ago, but I've had the mesh network for a few years now without this happening ever.  Could it be related to Google nest cams?  I install two of the new generation outdoor battery cams, a while back without this dropping off happening. However, I recently hardwired the battery cams as well as added a wired indoor Google cam, and that's around when all this points dropping off occasionally started.

I have exactly the same issue and same symptoms. No nest camera's. I do have Sonos though and wondered if that could be a factor.

Personally, I think it is dud software updates that have destroyed what was once a good product. It is a shame there has been no response from Google on this forum.

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@JamesOrtega wrote:
Almost every time the offline point will go back online

Mine stay offline for days. I always have to power cycle them. "Restart Device" from the Google Home app never does anything. It's always the satellite ones. Never the one connected to my ISP

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Still seeing this issue in October of 2022 - wound up here after searching the issue with a single point on our network continually going offline and causing network interruptions. 

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Hi Jeff 

I have only recently purchased a nest wifi pack about a month and a half ago and I am now seeing this issue of one of the node going offline and the only fix is to reset the power. Has there been any fix or update yet? I have tried everything you have suggested in your previous messages.


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I'm still having trouble