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Nest wifi randomly going offline

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For the past week my Google nest Wi-Fi go randomly off-line. There have been absolutely no other changes in my network or environment that could cause this. I’ve had no issues prior to this. 

I can see a couple of posts in the forum of a similar vein, has anybody been able to solve this issue? Is it a firmware problem?

I’ve done a full factory reset which hasn’t helped, and in fact seems to have made it worse. 

Setup: Router (firmware 13729.57.27) and 2 points (firmware 1.54.267572)

any ideas?





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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey, all.

While we've seen the thread drop off, I did want to come in and let you all know that a new firmware release is starting to roll out for both Google WiFi and Nest WiFi. The update should bring several improvements, so hopefully you all see things improve in your situations here. There's nothing you need to do in order to receive the update, it will automatically download and install for you.

As it's been over a month since we've seen any replies here, I did want to check in to see if people were still looking for some help here. Please let me know if you're still following the thread and looking for input.


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What are you talking about?  Do you not see the hundreds of replies in this thread?  It is a MASSIVE problem and is not dropping off.  What is going on here?

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Hey Jeff, I seem to get at least 3 replies to this thread every day. Very much still a problem. Last night my system became unresponsive from the router and point onwards. The modem was up and service was being delivered to my house fine, but the only way to get service to the devices access the router and the point was to hard reboot all devices below the modem.


can't believe you are willingly calling this a non issue. There's no way you don't see all the replies to this continually

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I would say the issue has NOT dropped off.  I just posted just yesterday about it.  Based on the lack of resolution by Google and the extreme level of frustration by this group, I am recommending returning the Google devices while my friend can still get a full refund.  I can't believe this issue has gone unresolved for so many months. 

I would also think that Google should know exactly what is contained in this release and whether it will resolve any connectivity issues.   


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@Jeff  - it's a very strange CS strategy to ignore obvious comments and downplay the issue. If you look at the Google Wifi forums and sort by 'Most Commented' this is number 1, and number 3 is a thread with the exact same issue - both have had extensive comments in the last 30days. Then go to the GoogleWifi Subreddit and almost every day is a new Q about this issue,

Regardless of Google's PR approach here, the new firmware sounds promising. Please can you confirm the firmware versions so we know if it's been applied or not? At present I have:

Nest Wifi - 13729.57.27

Google Wifi -13729.57.27

Nest Wifi + Assistant - 1.54.279716

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@Jeff - seconding @Wibbsy post. This is still a high volume hugely impacting issue. 

Your attribution of "the thread has mostly dropped off" is disingenuous. There are daily active reports of this issue. 

We would like to not the the updated firmware versions numbers please. 

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This thread has definitely not dropped off. I've had 4 separate coworkers complain about their setups. That's insane. When they had disconnects they assumed it was their ISP until I showed them this thread. Everything matched up and they've been dealing with this since october. Please don't just dismiss the severe impact this is having. I do a disconnect about 3 times a day while my co-workers do a couple. Most of them ended up returning their equipment. I wish I could've done the same

@Jeff i have responded in the past few days.  This is not resolved as you can see by the several posts per day on this thread.


additionally, yes, the iOS and android apps have updated, but the google wifi has not.  Not only that, but the implication that they have or will is in counter to the information presented by your help site:

as you can see, the preview software for the nest products isn’t (with one notable exception) any version number above the general availability version.  And those versions match the versions currently on devices.  So you either have not updated your documentation to represent the work being done; or you’re lying about the update coming (and possibly pushing it without testing with preview).


I request this to be escalated to your supervisor to resolve, as this is unacceptable service.

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Still following the thread, and still experiencing outages, sometimes every other week, other times every other hour, and everywhere in between. Hoping the firmware push does the trick, but hopefully the thread won't be closed prior to our (consumers) verification of successful repair.

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WE ARE STILL HAVING ISSUES! we stop posting cuz it doesn't seem like you give a **bleep** so we are moving to other products. FIX IT! i didn't pay for a $300 mesh system to have it crap out every 2 hours!

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@Jeff Are you blind or just willfully ignoring what is going on in this thread. Your comment that there have not been any replies in a month is, I do not even know. I do not understand how you can be like this. I get at least at least 10 new emails a day about this post. Sometimes much much much more. You are the perfect example of what is wrong with Google now. I already moved on to Netgear for my WiFi and your actions have convinced me to disinvest myself of all my google hardware. I already started replacing my Nest Displays/Speakers with Echo. I was 100% in the google echosphere. Now I am getting 100% out. 

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I'm still on the fence about changing my displays and speakers but I'm seriously considering it since I've had this issue since November.

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It just happened for me again.

Software version 1.54.279716



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Jeff, serious question because we are all humans and make mistakes so I don’t want to be rude. But where are you looking to interpret this thread and issue as having “dropped off”? Cause you might need to tweak your community support scripts or whatever if something truly showed this issue as being stale.

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Still having the issue on H2D mesh points with 14150.43.80. What are they supposed to be on?

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Sounds like that’s the latest according to

TBH, the issue with mesh points saying they’re offline (but still working) has actually been even more frequent  the last few days, so I don’t think this version is a fix.I’m done with nest Wi-Fi at this point. Was good until last year, but no longer worth the constant hassle. 

None of my 9 google routers have been updated to this new software version. What about yours guy?

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So I switched to Orbi and everything seems so much faster and more reliable so far. And while each unit is more expensive, I only needed 2 access points (1 router + 1 satellite) to replace the 4 nest wifi access points I had and I seemed to have actually gained coverage in the process (backyard is better covered than before).

Hi, could you let me know what you got? I have the same issue with one of my points and I work out the back of my house please.

No new firmware update from Google for a while. So bug remains ...

I got Netgear Orbi. 

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Hi @Jeff , thanks for the update.  I'm still following the thread.  I get notified about responses to it daily.

Still having daily issues @Jeff ; and still no updated firmware.

Same here

No updates here too! Google showing how to do a lazy and poor service!

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@Jeff How could you possibly say that this thread has dropped off?  I've been getting multiple updates with new people posting about this problem. You're out of your mind - and it really makes me question your sincerity. 

Anyway, since your post, it seems like people are still having issues. So... now it's been the better part of a YEAR and these devices just aren't useable. And yet, I can't get a simple refund for a defective product.  Can't wait to join the lawsuit to get my money back.

Just FYI, I did contact a couple of plaintiff's law firms. Their take is that we'd win, but it would take years and that Google would fight it every step of the way. In the end, they both said the same thing - the law firms would collect hundreds of thousands, maybe even milllions of dollars, and we would end up with a coupon or certificate like GM did years ago when they sent truck buyers a $1,000 "gift certificate" for the purchase of a new truck. Either that, or a check for $1.37 or something.

Not too excited to get a discount on lousy equipment in the future from a company that clearly doesn't care about making products that work or fixing problems that they cause!

I’d still sign up.  It’s about sending a message, and getting action, not getting some form of compensation.  If no one does this sort of thing, companies will continue to act this way.

In case you need daily reminders; @Jeff - this is still an issue, no firmware update yet.  Today, in fact, I had to do a hard power off (unplug) and back on of 2/3 of my APs.  They wouldn’t respond to the network restart command through the home app.  How many days you need us to keep saying this to get you/google to take it seriously?

Google solution: If you're having issues with our products go fish! 🤡🤡🤡

@Jeff -Your daily reminder here - the issue is not resolved.


the good news (maybe); I have the new firmware on _all_ of my devices.


the bad news - I still need to manually restart the network to get it back to a functioning state after a while.  Like every few hours.

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Here we all are... 3 weeks after your claim to a "fix" and improvements with an update... Still broken! Mine has gotten worse. Also, have had to reset my entire network a few times because everything has gotten so slow since your "fix"... Nice work

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I've starting seeing points drop out and intermittent service loss.  Is it possible to get more detail on the root cause, how its being resolved and what Google is going to do to monitor the issue going forward? 

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@Jeff Hi Jeff. I have received the latest update and it seems to get worse. As Google are clearly too big to care about their customers. Please can you recommend a competitor that I can move to that supply better equipment and support. I was thinking Amazon eero or Tp-Link? What do you suggest? I ask you guys as I'm sure you have different equipment that is more reliable. 

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Definitely not resolved, literally of my 2 points one acts like a speaker, does nothing with the WIFI like it is supposed to leaving the 2nd one "too weak" to connect to smart plugs etc. Resetting does nothing but wipe my cameras out. 

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Still having issues with the exact same symptoms 

@Leticia - can you help us here?  Jeff appears to simply want to close all topics possible (if you look at his recent posts); and this is a severe issue affecting nearly all users.  We need someone to escalate this issue to management to resolution.  There is clearly something wrong with the firmware that was pushed (and unable to be rolled back) at google’s sole discretion.  This has caused severe issue where user networks are dropped multiple times daily, impacting work at home, among other things.  There are already users talking with law firms about a class action law suit because of these issues.  Please advise.

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Um, what? I’ve seen numerous posts within the past week! How can say you’ve seen a drop in posts regarding the wifi hub and access point connectivity issues??!!?? 
I’ve had to set up a secondary Apple Airport Extreme wifi network in my home and switch over my critical connections because I cannot rely on the mesh network with hub and access points literally 15 feet apart!

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Jeff, this past week has gone from bad to horrible. I just started to search if others had same problem and was astounded by the amount of your customer facing this issue. And yet you seem unresponsive. I have a router plus 3. For over a year it seemed to go fine (though now I wonder if I blamed the cable provider for issues that were really nest’s). Last 6 months several messages one or more of the nest units offline. Too many times working from home now, that zoom calls etc were dropped. It was annoying. Then came the past two weeks. The network is literally dropping every 5-10 minutes. It boots up for a VERY long time, and works for maybe 3-5 minutes. Then drops again. This is now a constant. 
Google disinterest in this is concerning, and your last response shows it. Google Neat going in the trash can tomorrow. Don’t have time for this. 
all great companies come to a point in their growth when they are so big, individual customers no longer matter. Think AT&T and the Bell’s. Good luck.

At this point, you are right. It's been more than 7 months that these posts have been happening. Your post reminds me of this: