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Nest wifi randomly going offline

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For the past week my Google nest Wi-Fi go randomly off-line. There have been absolutely no other changes in my network or environment that could cause this. I’ve had no issues prior to this. 

I can see a couple of posts in the forum of a similar vein, has anybody been able to solve this issue? Is it a firmware problem?

I’ve done a full factory reset which hasn’t helped, and in fact seems to have made it worse. 

Setup: Router (firmware 13729.57.27) and 2 points (firmware 1.54.267572)

any ideas?





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But fear not, apparently the new pro routers have some surprises up their sleeves also:

People reporting speed limits down to 50Mbps. But you have to love the workarounds and optimism of a fix due any day now... 


Those affected have taken a few approaches to solve their issue and are getting faster download speeds from the Nest Wifi Pro – those approaches range from practical to clever. Some have found luck with simply putting another router — whether an old Google Wifi or any other device they had handy — ahead of the Nest Wifi Pro, but this solution hasn’t worked for everyone. Others are either returning the Nest Wifi Pro system altogether or giving Google a few days to work things out before returning it.

We reached out to Google for a comment but the company was not immediately available.

With any luck, this should be easily resolvable with a firmware update from Google, especially as other Nest Wifi routers handle the same networks without issue. Until such an update, though, it’s a shame to see early adopters of Nest Wifi Pro not able to use the router to its full potential.

Yes solutions are easily resolvable if the vendor actually makes an effort to try and resolve them instead of blaming other things and requesting people to factory reset. 

Imagine calling a plumber to fix a leaking bathtub and his suggestion is to disconnect all plumbing fittings in the entire house and put them back together again. 

What's that, Google releases a new version of hardware's without fixing the old one? Oh and the new one has the same issues as the old one as well? Oh and they're trying to blame everything but their hardware? I'm shocked! SHOCKED! Well, not that shocked. 

Time to forget everytihing that is made by Google, Old Nest wifi has problem, new one too, google speakers... what a hell!!!!

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Router goes offline. Power cycle router back online. This happened every couple of days when I first got the mesh setup several years ago but then went to every month or 2. It started happening about once a week last month or so. power cycling the router so far has always caused it to start working.

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Was there a fix for this? Mine started this week and shows weak at first and then drops completely. Only on the one access point, I unplug and plug it back in and that fixes things for a few hours, but then gets weaker and drops again.

There's not and Google don't wanna solve this. This week my points are getting offline everyday!!! Ridiculous!

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No, and they recently released new hardware so don't expect a resolution for the old stuff. 

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Please give a thumbs up to this response so that more people find it. I have read all the previous comments and wanted to share my experience with Google Nest WiFi.

I use Google Nest WiFi a lot. I support WiFi for 16 sites of a non-profit organization in Ontario, Canada. In addition I am a manager for 5 families with Google Nest WiFi. So that's over 60 Google Nest APs worldwide.

The 16 sites in Ontario, Canada are spread over a 200 km radius.

Some (less than 10%) of the sites have the old hockey-puck shaped AC-1304 models (original Google WiFi). The first of these were installed in 2019.

But most (more than 90%) are the Google Mesh AP/speaker combo. For these, the router is AC2200 (shows up as H2D in Settings) and the Points are AC1200 (shows up as H2E in Settings).

I have never had an issue with the older AC-1304 models. But over half of the sites with AC2200 have APs that go Offline within a week of rebooting. Reports of APs going offline have increased in 2022. It wasn't so bad in 2020 and 2021.

Troubleshooting steps, based on numerous sessions with Google Nest WiFi Support, include:

  • Restart router from Google Home app --> Does not help. Obviously, network is offline for the duration of the reboot, but offline APs remain offline.
  • Restart AP from Google Home app --> Does not help. Makes no immediate difference.
  • Physical reboot (unplug/replug) of offline AP --> Everything looks good for a few days. But then after a few days, the problem resurfaces and APs go offline. This is something I coordinate with remote people at those sites. I tell them where the AP is and ask them to physically reboot the AP. They typically do not have access to the Gmail account for the Google Home app. Moreover, some of these APs are in ceilings that require ladder access, which is inconvenient. Rebooting them every few days is not an option.
  • Factory reset AP or router --> Not attempted. This is not an option. This is a complex operation that would have to be done by me. I cannot ask the remote volunteers to do this. Because of the sheer number of APs that go offline and their distance from where I live (I have a day job), it is not practical to drive hundreds of kilometers out to do this myself when I did the initial install just months earlier.
  • HW exchange --> Not an option for the same reason.
  • Disabling Bridge mode on the ISP modem --> Does not help.

I have worked in technical roles at Cisco, Juniper, and HPE, and know a thing or two about networking. Google Nest WiFi is obviously not an enterprise-grade solution. It is a home-grade solution. You get what you pay for. Nobody is debating that. However, stable reliable performance is what every consumer demands. It should not require a physical reboot every few days. These are not supposed to be Windows 95-like devices. One should be able to expect a reasonable level of quality from these devices.

It is pretty clear to me that Alpha (of Killed By Google infamy) has diverted Engineering investment away from Nest WiFi, leaving their customers with bricks.

I challenge Google Nest WiFi Product Management to come to this forum and address this comment with a roadmap for software support of these devices.

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Just to add to @Pakdude comments. Even putting the mesh APs on a timer based power plugs that would nightly power cycle the APs did not help provide a reliable active time network.

This has a one of the most disappointing hardware/software execution from Google for as long as I can recall. 

Saddest thing is this all escalated after the forced firmware update after Google was lost the case with Sonos, so clearly a software issue

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After dealing with tech support for a few months, I decided to initiate the warranty and replace the router and one point I have. Meanwhile, a friend of mine who had an extra Google Wi-Fi mesh router and point let me borrow  his so I could run the test to see if it was actually a hardware issue with the one I had. While I was borrowing his I only setup the router, not the point for the sake of convenience for when I returned everything back to him and the entire two weeks I had it worked perfectly; completely stable. 


Just received my replacement router and point a couple days ago and I initially set up the router only. Everything seemed to be working smoothly. Then a few hours later I set the point and within a couple of hours the Wi-Fi went down though anything connected to the switch stayed up. I did a factor reset of the point and while I did that the WiFi was fine, the moment I reconnected the point it went offline. I think tried moving it around to other spots but still nothing. When I unplugged the point the problem persisted until I went into the home app and removed the point from there, my Wi-Fi immediately shot up to full speed. 


I recommend everyone else give this a test of removing all points and see what happens

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I'm assuming there's not a fix since I have had ZERO problems with mine until about a week ago and now every day I have to unplug it and plug back in my upstairs router. I went from ridiculous fast speed (800+ MB) to being lucky if I can pull 60 MB speed... Is Google pulling an Apple, trying to force us to upgrade, or deal with crap tech??? 

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Joining the party, this is ridiculous from one of the biggest companies on the planet! Just like Amazon it seems thT Google is so big they don't have to care about faulty products because the customer base is so large that losing a few million customers doesn't matter. Fix your crap Google. 

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The Verge: Google's rolling out a Nest Wifi Pro update being rolled out to fix slow internet speeds.

Have to be honest, I was hoping to see a reference to a Google contact called "Jeff" in that article.

Who cares about the still available and sold Google WiFi though ...

Need a software fix for the Offline APs though

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Definitely a ton of people still needing a fix from Google

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My main router and point routinely go offline for no apparent reason. It is frustrating. Been happening for this first year we've owned them. I have to unplug and plug the cord back in and then it works. This is getting ridiculous.

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I am not sure if there was an update done, but I have, knock on wood, not had any problems the past few weeks. Now my google home app shows the wifi points being online on the main screen. It used to show offline even when they were online.

Folks, there is no fix yet.

Some of my APs are still reporting Offline. Their firmware version is still 1.56.315675. Router (Hub) version is still 14150.376.32. This hasn't changed since I reported the issue 2 weeks ago.

My Home app software shows version 2.60.118 (on ios) my Hub and points have the 14150.376.32 version as well.

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After months of tolerating this issue and waiting for a fix, I've officially given up and purchased a Netgear Orbi Pro mesh system.

They are currently significantly discounted on Amazon for Black Friday, in case anybody's interested.

  • SXK60 2-pack: $200, down from $450
  • SXK60 3-pack: $300, down from $650
  • SXK80 2-pack: $350, down from $800
  • SXK80 3-pack: $520, down from $1,150

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Has anyone started experiencing slower speeds recently as well?

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I give up. I'm done going back n forth with google on this. I've jump through all their troubleshooting hoops, I've had a replacement sent to me which has the exact same issues of wi-fi randomly dying even through hardline connections work perfectly, I'm tired of rebooting or reformatting the mesh, I'm over having to access it remotely because being on the same network doesn't work, and finally they've refused my request for a refund. Today I'm getting a TP-Link AX3000 which should be just fine for my apartment. I'll be posting that router & point for sale online shortly after thanksgiving. Google has truly let me down on this

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I'm starting to wonder if there's a device cap on these things of somewhere around the 30+ mark. We have a smart home and a lot of devices connecting. Aside from the random issue where the mesh units go weak signal out of nowhere for no reason, I've noticed that at times a family member will leave in the morning, more devices get turned on during the day, and the member will return and when their devices jump back on the network in the driveway, the entire google wifi network goes down, requiring a complete reboot. The first time it happened I thought it was a coincidence, but it has happened a few times now in the exact same fashion, the last time taking the whole google wifi network down right at the last minute of a close football game (that was NOT fun) and I'm starting to wonder if that's when mine always goes down, when it gets overloaded with devices. As in something gets turned on and is the last straw and down it goes. I've been playing around with this and it seems to get dicey once I go somewhere above 30 devices online simultaneously. I believe I read that it's supposed to support 100+? But I'm starting to think maybe that's not accurate. Just keep coming back here with thoughts to try to help us all out.

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I too am done after 15 months and still not one bit of help from Google. Today I purchased the NETGEAR Orbi RBK753 system. I would advise you all to find something else other than Google because they don't really care about you or your problems with their worthless equipment.

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Over a year later and the issue is still unfixed. Disappointing

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It's been 2 years and no resolution. I spent hours trying to fix this and many hundreds of dollars. Over Thanksgiving it got so bad we couldn't even stream TV for longer than 30 minutes without the whole system going down. I broke down and bought the Orbi 850 series. No issues, very easy setup. Life changing. Goodbye Google/Nest pods. Good riddance.

Google is going worst everyday in all aspects. Not only WiFi Mesh has problems, but the speakers is losing configuration and getting slowly to do tasks and answers. It's clear that Google don't care about the customers.

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I've previously responded on here about my frustrations with this same issue. While I am not home to complete this process and test it, Google Support today noted that I have a double NAT since even though I disabled my ISP's modem/gateway's wifi broadcast, I did NOT fully set it in "Bridge Mode." I am going to try to adjust my gateway's settings later today and see if that helps.

That's the same bill of goods they sold me. It took a GREAT deal of trouble but when I finally got it properly in bridge mode if failed just the same as before. If you search for postings by me in this community earlier this year you'll see that I documented this in detail including the pitfalls. I hope it works for you, but I wouldn't bet any money on it.

Yup - did that as well, worked well for a day or so, then the problems came back. So glad I also went with the Netgear as well last December!

You did the right thing. On my side bridge mode and routed mode are equally having troubles...

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Yes Having the same issue here all green for days then start losing connection never the same house is not that big and has 1 router and 4 points to cover whole house this is getting ridiculous .

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It's December 2022 I just replaced my Nest wifi with the Google Pro and same sh*t. Randomly goes offline during work and presentation. What is going on Google????

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Hi all - to those still having the issue, how many simultaneous devices do you have online on your google wifi network? I have 1 router & 2 satellites, yet mine seems to have issues once I go above 30+ simultaneous devices. They advertise up to 100 connected devices (up to 300 with a 3-pack) but that doesn't seem possible for me at all, not even close. The failures seem to happen for me at 30 or above.

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I have the 3 pack Google Pro and 34 devices connected. I also noticed the first day of the install my speed standing right next to the main Google Pro was well over 600Mbps with all 34 devices and as the days went by it gradually decreased standing at the same spot down to 150Mbps.

Randomly 2-3 times a day the whole system goes out and I have to restart the Google Pro via the Google Home app to get the system back up again.

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Does anyone know how to place a Class Action lawsuit for fraudulent advertising?

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LOL - so this is fun. I still own these things though I actually bought Netgear Orbi a year ago so I could actually, you know, work and stuff. So, connected today and the router just has a slowly flashing white light. Huh. Router not connecting to internet, which is weird. Switch the Google ethernet cable to the port the Netgear is plugged into. No luck. Plug the ethernet I'd had going to the Netgear into it. No luck. Plug the Netgear into the same port with the Google cable. It works! Plug the Netgear with either cable into the other port. It works! 

Google has truly mastered the art of the useless device. It used to at least connect intermittently. Now it doesn't even connect to the internet at all...

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It’s a year later and I am having this exact issue with my access point. Router is fine, AP goes down and needs power cycled almost daily. 

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I have the 3 pack of the 2nd gen mesh routers. I wanted to share what someone else had mentioned regarding a possible fix. I too have been having the issue with my secondary access points going offline while my primary remains working.  Changing the DNS from automatic to using a custom primary and secondary DNS has resolved the issue for me. I would need to reboot one of my secondary access points daily. Since this change, I’ve been good for almost 2 weeks.  I hope this helps someone since Google has not addressed this for over a year.