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Nest wifi setup advice please

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Hello all,

Here’s my situation, moving into a house that is wired for Ethernet with the main panel in a cellar (I suspect significant signal loss given the location). That said I have a Cisco switch and the modem will arrive this week. The modem will be located by the patch panel and I am looking for advice on setup. 

Do I bridge the modem, plug into primary Google router (primary) then go to switch and patch panel (and place the other node somewhere it can get a signal from the primary)


Modem to switch to patch panel then plug the Google wifi router and nodes in whatever room makes sense (I believe this would be using them as access points…if it is possible)


Something I haven’t thought of yet!

Thank you in advance, I’m a rookie when it comes to networking. 


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Hello @Selfdoubtkills 

First off, here's the support page documenting requirements for connecting Google WiFi secondary units back to the primary/router unit via Ethernet: 

In short, your primary/router Google WiFi unit will need to be in between the modem and the switch ("WAN" port connected to modem, "LAN" port connected to switch). Then, any secondary Google WiFi units can be connected to that switch after they've been set up as wireless nodes once. I would also caution about using more expensive "managed" or "smart" Ethernet switches, since they often have loop detection enabled in a way that will cause significant problems when wiring secondary Google WiFi units back to the primary. It may be possible to configure them to avoid this, but that is going to be switch dependent. I say this only because you mention using a Cisco switch, which may be more difficult to configure properly.

Is it possible to put the modem somewhere other than in the cellar? If you can locate it near an existing Ethernet outlet, preferably one that is relatively centrally located, then the modem can connect directly to your primary Google WiFi unit in that location, and that Google WiFi unit's LAN port can just plug into the nearby Ethernet outlet to feed the switch (and any other wired devices, including other secondary Google WiFi units).

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Hi @MichaelP   

I am in a similar situation with a house wired for Ethernet and patch panel located in a study (not quite central) to the house. Connected the Nest Wifi Router (WAN port) direct to a NBN modem via ethernet, then via LAN ethernet to a 8 port network switch ( from the Nest wifi router.

I then connect all my other 3 additional Google Wifi points (1st gen) to the wall ethernet sockets which are wired back to the patch panel in the study. The patch panel is then connected to the D-Link switch above via patch cables. 

All tested and meshed and download speeds seems awesome except for an issue which a Lenovo Laptop which is connected to the furthest Google Wifi point's LAN port (about 50m away, 1 floor up from the Router and patch panel in study) - seems to drop out and have issues when trying to do VC/Teams calls (ie. can't share screen). Have reinstalled TEAMS app and tried Optus but was told to plug that directly into back of the router (not via switch). The Lenovo was previously plugged directly into the wall ethernet outlet upstairs, back to the Study which was then patched via Ethernet cable directly to back of a Optus Sagemcom F@st 5366 modem LAN port (it had 4 LAN ports) which worked fine. Given the Nest Wifi router only has 1 WAN and 1 LAN port, can;t do this without losing all the others.

Any advice / suggestions appreciated. Should I try to install the Optus router (turn of wifi) upstream between the NBN NCD and the Google Nest Wifi router? Or is there a better way?

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This is the setup in the study