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New ISP Slow Speed With Google Wifi

Community Member

Good morning,

I've recently swapped to a full-fibre ISP and my download speed is limited to 90mbps while it is meant to be 150mbps, the upload is perfect at 150mbps.

I have tried resetting all devices, changed ethernet cables, run speed checks wirelessly and wired (both the same so this isn't WiFi speed), confirmed all DNS etc settings with the ISP and have found nothing that has altered the situation in any way. 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

How and where are you testing the bandwidth? Inside the Google Home app, or a PC wired to the primary/main Nest Wifi LAN port, or over Wi-Fi?

It can take some time (days) for Nest Wifi to settle in/adjust its' QoS to the bandwidth the ISP provides.

Also, make sure the ISP equipment it put to bridge mode, else you might experience strange problems and slowdowns. More on that:

I don't work for Google.