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Nintendo Switch does not support channel 150+. How to restrict channel range to 149-?

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Nintendo Switch only supports channel 149 or lower.

Wide spread issues with Google home due to automatic channels above 150 (causing switch to only connect on 2.4ghz)

How do I change the channel range on my Google home to be 1-149 so my switch can connect on 5ghz?



Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hello @EvilLost 

Google/Nest WiFi units manufactured for use in the United States use 5GHz channel 149/155 (channel 149 is 20MHz wide, while channel 155 is 80MHz wide, but including the spectrum used for 20MHz channels 149, 153, 157, and 161). Units manufactured for other parts of the world (e.g., Europe/UK) use channel 36/42 (again, for 20MHz/80MHz operation). This is because the upper part of the 5GHz band is not allowed for use in those regions. These channels are not configurable.

I did a very quick search for Nintendo Switch 5GHz WiFi support, and it looks like Switch units manufactured for use in the U.S. should support the upper part of the 5GHz band, but Switch units manufactured for use in other parts of the world may not. Is it possible your Switch unit was originally manufactured for use in a non-U.S. region? If so, you may have to live with it connecting via 2.4GHz.