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Slow/Intermittent Speeds

Community Member

Have Xfinity service at 1200 Mbps and have been struggling with slow/Intermittent speeds since upgrading to the Nest 6e. Xfinity was at the house today and verified they are receiving 983 Mbps down / 44 mbps up when they hard lined into the modem.


When hardlined into 6e devices at basement & upstairs, Xfinity is only receiving 184 Mbps down / 23 mbps up. 

What's the issue and how do we correct?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello kmullowney, 

Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry for this experience.

Answer the following: when did the issue start? Were there recent changes made? Is there a switch on your network?

Please give these steps a try:

  • Ensure that you are using an undamaged Cat 5e or Cat 6 that’s securely plugged in to your modem and Google Nest Wifi Pro.
  •  Ensure that there is minimal to no interference (concrete, bulletproof glass, metal, mirror, etc.) and that the Wifi points are no more than two rooms apart.
  • Change your DNS servers to on your primary servers and on your secondary servers.
  • Unplug the power from your modem and Google Nest Wifi devices for 2 minutes.
  • If you're using a modem/router combo, set it to bridge mode to avoid double NAT issues.
  • If the issue persists, try factory resetting your network. Take note that this will remove all network data.

Keep me posted.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey kmullowney,

I want to ensure you are good to go. Please reply to this thread if you've tried the troubleshooting steps and still need assistance, so I can give you a helping hand.


Community Member

Never trust xfinity. I had them with thier modem/router combo and was paying for gig speeds but only getting 85 down. But magically, everytime they connected in, I was at the proper speed. But then they use one of my device and it's slow. So then they blamed my devices. 


I agree that you need to make sure your modem is reset. And then make sure you modem only/bridge mode it, otherwise you get double nat issues that bog it down. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,

@Bobbyman12345, thanks for sharing your input.

@kmullowney, I know it has been a while, but I want to ensure that everything is covered on your end. If you are still having trouble, please tell me and I would be happy to take a closer look.