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Upgraded to full fibre but nest won’t keep up

Community Member

Hi I had a Google nest mesh network. Had it connected to by modem and all working well. I just upgraded to full fibre and if I connect directly to the new modem I get 500mb speed but if connect to the Google mesh Wi-Fi it’s still at my old speed of just 37mb. Any advice appreciated.  


Community Member

I'm having a similar issue. I don't get full download or upload speed when connected to the Google WiFi Mesh. Using Ookla speedtest, the Google mesh tests 100 Mbps slower (download) than when I connect directly to my Verizon 5G Home internet gateway. I ran multiple tests at different times and get consistent results. Frustrating. Hopefully Google provides a fix soon, until then my Google equipment will most likely sit and collect dust.

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bumping this topic so hopefully Google takes notice.


Community Member

Google guy on chat was really good. Connected to the nest and bt hub directly with Ethernet. Then realised I hadn’t rebooted, just changed the hub over. This helped. Then also realised the Ethernet cable between the bt hub and the nest was pretty old so switched that out and everything seems a lot better. Did get 500mb up and 70mb down over the nest Wi-Fi at one point.