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WD My Cloud Network Devices not linking to Google nest Drive

Community Member

Can anyone help please. I have just changed from my old google router to a Nest router, previously i had two WD My Cloud network drives that were connecting perfectly through an ethernet port to my Macbook etc and i could login online and see them. 

Since the change of router they have disappeared completely, except if i plug them directly into the nest router.

How do i get them back through the port?


Thanks in advance.


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

You should still be able to see the devices as long as they are plugged in an on the network.  My WD My Cloud drives are plugged into a network switch, so my layout is 

ISP Modem > Nest Wifi Router > Switch > WD MY Clouds and other devices. 

Community Member

This is exactly what i have. Modem > Nest WiFi router > switch > WD My cloud devices and other devices too (all working fine?) 

When i plug the My Cloud drives directly in to the router they show up on my network fine, but not through the switch????