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We have a 5G T-Mobile Gateway and I am looking at getting a Google Wi-fi router -- shopping.

Community Member

I have a Google Fi phone, since 2017. Google Fiber is not available in our area. He has T-Mobile and his phone is cracked and old and I am looking at getting us Google Wi-fi for the house and a second Google Fi phone instead of replacing the T-Mobile phone. 

Our current internet is getting cut down to 1. something both upload and download i.e. "very slow" and sometimes cutting off. This is the second T-Mobile 5G device, and we have gone threw 3 or 4 LTE internet devices from another company/not T-Mobile, before that. 

Has anyone else found this combo of a 5G T-Mobile internet and a Google Wi-Fi device to work well in areas that have regular patterns of data slow-downs or internet that cuts-off increasingly over time until we get a new router and start over. 


P.s. Not interested at all in a "smart" home or multiple units, just one device that works for two people in a slightly bigger than a NY apartment sized rural home.