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Why does Google Home WiFi no longer show devices on my network after migration to Google Home App?


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Original Poster: Bill Young 

After migration to Google Home, Google WiFi no longer shows the device list, and gives the error "Can't connect to your network. Make sure it's plugged in and your phone is able to receive cellular data".  This error is only present when Cloud Services option is enabled.  When Cloud Services is disabled for Google WiFi, the Google Home app no longer has no connectivity issues, but unfortunately the device list is not accessible when Cloud Services is disabled.  This appears to be a problem related to cloud Services functionality in some way.

I am still able to see devices appear/disappear when they are turned off/on by looking in the list of devices for port forward management, but I can't actually manage any devices from that feature.
I see via Reddit that this issue is happening to other users after Google Home migration as well, but no resolution was found in those posts.

Hey everyone,
The migration to the Home app from the WiFi app has been a little bumpy, that's for sure. As we've continued to integrate more services into the Home app, there have been some bugs a pop up that we're working hard to iron out.
For now, most people are seeing good results by performing factory resets and by toggling Cloud Services on and off. I know that's pretty invasive, but as we continue to roll out updates, things should stabilize more and more.
For now there is no specific fix, but our internal teams are fully aware of these issues and are working on a resolution. Thanks for your patience in this matter.
- From Jeff (Community Specialist) 

Hey there, 
Just wanted to jump in here to check to make sure that you saw our response. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Have a great day. 
Garrett DS
- From Garrett (Community Specialist)

Hi Garrett, yes I saw the reply and will have to work on trying the factory reset at some point.


- From Bill Young (Original Poster)