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WiFi not showing connected on Google Home

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I have a google nest wifi system. My internet company had some routing issues yesterday. Before calling them, I reset my fiber modem and my main Google wifi router. Now when I go to google home, the main wifi router isn't showing online. Do I need to try and reboot it again? This is my first time with the Google nest, and I'm a network engineer by trade, so I don't reboot until I have to. Is there another way to get google home to reconnect to the wifi router? I should also note, that the system itself, is actually working just fine. Once the providers issues were resolved, the WiFI itself is working just fine, I just can't do anything from google home. 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Did you reset or reboot your main Nest Wifi puck?

If the first, you need to delete the whole network from the Google Home app and set your network up again from scratch.

If the last, I'd try to reboot the Nest Wifi again.

You could also check the status by going to following page while being connected either by cable or Wi-Fi behind the primary puck:

It sounds like a kind of hiccup that could be solved with a reboot.

I don't work for Google.