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inter faster via wifi than via cat 5 connection

Community Member

 I recently have problems with my internet.


Recently on the wired devices the internet speed has dropped to mqx 170 mbps download. On my mobile device on the same network but then via wifi i reach speeds up to 600 mbps.


While in the pas i could reach easly 700 mbps vvia the cat 5 e cable connected to the nest router. but recently it has dropped in speed and nothing has changed to my hardware.


Can someone help me with this? 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello matthijs1, 

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

Please perform a 2-minute reboot of your modem, Google Nest router and points. Check if that improves the internet performance of your network. If not, visit this article: Troubleshoot slow internet on Google Nest Wifi or Google Wifi.

Let me know how it goes.