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How do I add door and motion sensors to Nest ecosystem?

Community Member

I recently jumped into the Nest ecosystem with both feet, and need advice on the next step.

I purchased Nest hubs, Yale door lock, 4 Nest cameras, doorbell, and thermostats.

Now I want to add door sensors and an alarm to alert me if the doors and windows open at night, or if strangers come in. I cannot rely on a notification on my phone--since it's on silent mode at night, and the number of notifications are so high anyway.

Previously, I would have bought Nest Secure.


I can't find compatible door or motion sensors that work with the Nest. Can anyone help?




Community Member

Also looking for a suitable replacement to Nest Secure.

Community Member

Did nobody reply this question? I have the same one. I want to know if the Nest ecosystem can be built into a more comprehensive security system using sensors in addition to the doorbell and cameras. Does anyone know?


Community Member

I also have the same question. I have spent quite a bit of money on Google / Nest cameras and thermostats and I can't find a simple sensor that will tell me when a door is open!