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Very upset with Google

Community Member

After getting a letter from google saying in one year in April 2024 my nest secure is no longer going to work I am very frustrated with them. That alone says they do not stand behind there products and could careless about us. I have the nest secure at what 399 bucks and 12 next detects at 49.99 each.  So just a little under 1,000 bucks in alarm security and they are going to stop the device from working in 2024. How is this even legal? I understand they don't want to support it and that's fine but they shouldn't just be able to brick and break the device. Who knows what's next guys. I heard works with google is going away too at the same time. That's going to break a lot of things intergraded with google too like Lifx bulbs ect. Also the dropcam Nest camera will stop working in 2024. Luckily I am one model above that but I have 11 nest cameras at what around $200 each. Hope they don't brick those too. After this I believe google could care less about the money we pay for these things and can just break the device one day and make it no longer work. I don't think this could be legal but IDK. I think it will be hard for me to ever buy another Google product thinking one day they will just break a device and make it stop working. Goodbye to my 1000 dollars in alarm system. They just keep giving me the run around on the watch problem saying they are working on it. Look how much I have wasted on a data plan so far for nothing and not being able to text.  I use to always be a google fan boy and I have so many google smart home things and security but for them to do this is just not right. I might be jumping off the the train guys. I might go back to samsung or even try APPLE for the first time.  


Community Member

Googles sucks major balls. They are all for profit and their products suck, they have never cared for the average Joe consumer. 

I’ll be giving bad reviews on all their products every chance I get. 

**bleep** them!