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Temperature Sensor

Community Member

I'm trying to provide an integration for third-party temperature sensors in Google Home/Nest Hub.

It is a sensor, which provides only reading of the temperature.

If I use the TemperatureControl trait, the voice reporting of the temperature is correct, but it's not shown in the GUI. I only see an empty tile with the name of the sensor.

If I use the TemperatureSetting trait, the temperature is shown in the GUI. However, the voice assistant says "The <inside temperature> is (off,auto,etc.) and it's currently 24 degrees". The "is off" part is misleading and unnecessary, however I didn't find a way to turn it off while using the TemperatureSetting trait.


Community Member

One solution could be to use the Thermostat trait instead of the TemperatureControl or TemperatureSetting trait. The Thermostat trait includes both temperature control and temperature display, and it may be more suitable for your use case.

To use the Thermostat trait, you'll need to provide a target temperature that the user can set through voice commands or the GUI, and you can also provide a current temperature reading from your sensor. This will allow both the voice assistant and the GUI to display the current temperature correctly, without any misleading or unnecessary information.

You can find more information about implementing the Thermostat trait in the Google Smart Home documentation, and you can also join the Google Smart Home developer community to ask for more specific help if needed.


I cannot find the Thermostat trait in the documentation. Could you please post a link to that?