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Add search for spotifi on google nest hub

Community Member

Purchased one of these as it seems like a good idea. Had difficulties using spotify as no search function was available. Looked everywhere and eventually ended up here.


Apparently this fundamental function is omitted on the Nest Hub 2gen!!!!


Answers have so far been:

Use a phone to search????? The whole idea of having of of these is to NOT have a phone at hand!

Not enough has voted for this functionality?? This is so fundamental that the whole idea of having to vote for it is ridiculous.


So after using the unit for 1 hour is has been moved to the box marked :Error purchase. Hopefully I can offload it to somebody who don't want to play music on it.


Community Member

such a waste to not have this functionality.  HUBS are a pile of junk.

It's like having a car: "We sell you a nive new car with comfy seats, good engine and a decent dashboard. If you want to drive it you do however need to get towed as we have omitted a steering wheel"