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Ambient white noise turning off at 2:20am, continuously.

Community Member

I use the Google ambient white noise to help my baby and toddler sleep. It used to work great but now, I have to have the volume louder and the break in and out when it replays is too long and wakes up my baby. Not only that but I would say 3-4 nights a week it just turns off mid playing for no reason at 2:20am, waking them up. At first I didn’t make the connection that it was at the same time but now it’s like clockwork. But the very weird thing is, is that it’s not every night.

Please help! 



Community Member

I've noticed similar behavior. It has been driving me nuts trying to figure out the pattern. I was not sure if my nest hub v1 was crashing but it always seemed to be around 2:30 to 3am, when it did crash.  A few months back I felt like it would only do this from time to time but over the past 2 / 3 weeks I feel like the cadence is increasing. I switched to using another app on my phone which is not ideal.