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Assistant Apps - better go with Amazon

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Seriously? My Nests are quickly becoming useless pieces of technology. And we just purchased them - they were Christmas presents. Now, less than 6 months later you've taken away "Help Me Sleep" (see my other post) - with NO resolution/substitution. And now the assistant tells me that "AnyList" will no longer work. At this point, the only thing my hubs are good for are checking the weather and asking useless trivia questions. Oh - and playing music ... but you're probably planning to take away Pandora next. I wish we'd decided to go with Amazon.


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I concur. I have many devices connected through "works with Google" that, since the recent update, are working erratically at best. I am constantly getting device not set up errors.  I'm also not happy with "AnyList"  not working as my goto grocery app that works with my Apple watch and my Apple iPhone. With all the hype "AI"  How can Google compete if they can't even get there displays an integration to work . I'm thinking Alexa and trashing all my Google devices.

It is validating to get replies of agreement on my posts of frustration. But I have received NO help from Google or "community experts" and that is beyond frustrating. How can you take things away without offering solutions/substitutions?

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I threw away all the bullsh*t Google Home and Nest products about a week ago. Best decision I ever made. Google Assistant is becoming bad. I had so many errors with Google Home deleting all of my routines and having to manually set them back up. Some days my alarm wouldn't go off and I'd be late for work. Never again. I advise anyone dealing with Google's Home bullsh*t to just move on to Alexa. Day and night difference. Google Home and Nest gets worse by the day and people are waking up to it. 

I would love to do that switch too, only issue is that my name is Alexia 😂😂😂 and every time someone in the house says my name, Alexa replies 😂😂😂

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I am also so mad and disappointed about the help me sleep being removed... I don't know if you've tried an alternative like "play X sound for 10 hours"? For me it plays and then randomly during the night the music stops playing 😂😭😂😭 so annoying... I'm about to just buy a regular speaker 😂

Sadly can't buy Alexa since my name is Alexia 😂 whenever my boyfriend talks to me Alexa gets triggered on my living room TV 😂😂😂

Unless Google has changed it in the last week, when you just ask Google to "play white noise for 10 hours" it loops (fades out/in) every hour and that disrupts my sleep. I've gone to playing brown noise through an app on an old phone. It sucks as the sound quality is poor. I'm still pissed.