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So now Google expects us to use its "shopping list". This is a joke, right? Maybe it is temporary? Google's shopping list has 2 functions - alphabetical or in the order in which you add the item. That's it. Has anyone at Google actually been in a gro...
When are you going to stop the fade out/in every hour of white noise? There has been nothing recent about this and nobody has responded to my other thread about discontinuing Help Me Sleep. Not being able to have my Nest Hub play white noise has rend...
Seriously? My Nests are quickly becoming useless pieces of technology. And we just purchased them - they were Christmas presents. Now, less than 6 months later you've taken away "Help Me Sleep" (see my other post) - with NO resolution/substitution. A...
On January 22/23, I started a thread regarding the looping of the white noise when I told my Nest Hub simply to play white noise. It would play until I turned it off, but would loop every hour. This was annoying and interrupting my sleep at times. So...
How do I get the white noise to stop fading in/out every hour? I've seen other posts about this in the last year or so, but none were answered. The fading in/out is very annoying.