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Broadcast Inquiry - Is it possible to…?

Community Member

Hi y’all,

When we ask Google to broadcast, all works fine. What we want to know is->

Is there a setting/option/possibility for Google Nest/Minis to play the broadcast message on the originating speaker?  We are wanting a way to hear our own broadcast messages when we make them, in addition to the broadcast to all our Google speakers. 

Is this possible? Does anyone else feel this should be a toggle-able option?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Jadieco,


Thanks for reaching out. 


While hearing your broadcast message on the originating speaker isn't available, you can ask one of your family members to reply to your broadcast with the same message. You can use the commands "Reply <message>" and "Send a reply". We're always looking for ways to improve and we'll take it as feedback. Let us know if you have other questions otherwise, we'll lock the thread after 24 hours.