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Cannot connect iPad to Nest mini using bluetooth

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I just got the Google Nest Mini and went through the setup process. I was able to pair it with my iPad Pro and successful in streaming music and Netflix via bluetooth but then it stopped after a couple of minutes. I have tried to reconnect several times. I did a factory reset with the Nest Mini as well as unpair and repaired it to the iPad. It will play for a minute or 2 then stops/disconnects. Will it not pair with my iPad so I can use it as speakers?

I can see the Nest Mini listed under Bluetooth section in iPad's settings  and shows as not connected. I click on it to connect but get response back 'Connection Unsuccessful: Make sure "Family Room speaker" is turned on and in range. It's plugged in on my desk less than 5 inches away from the iPad.

iPad Pro iOS version 16.2


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey KBethS,


Thanks for sharing details about the issue here. I know how challenging it is when you're having issues connecting your iPad to your Google Nest Mini via Bluetooth. A few questions: do you have the same issue when connecting a different device? How far are you from the speaker when connecting your iPad?


Please try these steps below:


  1. Connect and disconnect both devices by:
    1. The mobile device or computer:
      1. Open Bluetooth settings.
      2. Under Available devices tap the name of the speaker or display to connect.
    2. Voice command:
      1. To connect, say “Hey Google, connect to Bluetooth.”
      2. To disconnect, say “Hey Google, disconnect Bluetooth.”
  2. Reboot both devices then try to pair and connect again.
  3. Reinstall the Google Home app.
  4. Perform a Factory Data Reset (FDR) on the speaker or display and try to pair and connect again.
  5. Test other devices:
    • Pair the speaker with another Bluetooth device, and check if the issue only happens on the first Bluetooth device.
    • Pair a different device to the Bluetooth device, and check if it pairs successfully.

Let me know how it goes.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


I wanted to follow up and see if you still need help. Please let me know if you are still having any concerns or questions from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi KBethS,


We haven't heard from you in a while so we'll be locking this thread if there is no update within 24 hours. If you need assistance or want to discuss topics, feel free to start a new thread.