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Connecting to Joining Device Fails for Nest Camera Setup

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I have tried setting up my Nest Home Hub Max now for multiple hours and I have been entirely unsuccessful at getting the integrated nest camera to work. Every time I try to activate it, it just says “Connecting to Joining Device”, circles for minutes and then fails saying something went wrong. I have tried restarting the home hub max, setting up a new home, using a different phone, everything. Nothing works. I have had this home hub max and a nest doorbell battery for over a year now and I have never been able to get them to work in the same home. Google why can you just let us set it up ourselves instead of only allowing an automated setup that always fails! Get it together! How do I get past this and don’t tell me it requires starting everything over!




SOME customers in this forum have reported getting past the "joining device" / "assisting device" error by temporarily turning off their other Google Nest devices during the install process.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Nbates89,


I believe your issue regarding Google Nest Hub Max camera is now resolved as per your response on this thread. Let us know if you have additional concerns or questions about your device, otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours,


@MplsCustomer: Thank you for trying to help.