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Connection issues with Google Nest Hub

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Disclaimer: This thread was migrated from our previous version of the Google Nest Community. You can continue to receive updates on your thread issue here or simply ask, browse or more in the new Google Nest Community.

Original Poster: Arnoud van Leijden 


Google Nest Hub (GEN1). Last week (26/27 July) in the evening worked well (used it for weather information and switching off lights), in the morning a screen with connection problems. It said WiFi/router was not working but WiFi/Router was working well and I could see the GNH in my network, active and with valid (DHCP) IP address.

Factory reset didn't work (several times). Next day I came further in the process (went through all device-adding-questions) but "add account" error remained. 3rd day I did an off/on and it worked again. Weird.
Today 3 August  same sh*t again. Connection problems. Same error (WiFi/router not working), but I have no problems with laptops, google door cam, home-automation devices and several android phones are working without problem (same access point, same frequency). I expect issues further on the road (ISP or at google), or something introduced with Fuchsia but how can I check that?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi Arnoud Van Leijden,
I will reach out to you via private messaging so that we can continue working on the next steps. This will be sent to the email address associated with your community profile. For future reference, your Case ID is: 6-1984000031285.
- From Frances (Community Specialist)