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Custom home control

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How can I choose the Google Home devices and routines that can be controlled from a Nest Hub?

I have two Hubs, and they give me quick access to controls for random devices, but not the ones I want. It's laborious to wade through lists of rooms, and scroll around 50 devices, just to control a blind. And my routines don't seem to be accessible through the touchscreen at all.

Voice control can be cute, but it isn't reliable enough. In particular, when I want to control the southern blind in my room, it starts messing with the southern light at the opposite corner of my house. I see the words 'close the southern blind' appear on my screen when I say them, but then they get changed to 'close the southern light', which is incredibly frustrating and doesn't even make sense—how can one 'close' a light?! And the blind is in the same room as the Hub; why does it think I want to control lights on my front stairs? I've reported this problem numerous times in the past year, but it hasn't been fixed. And yes, the blind is set up correctly; it works when I put the same phrase in a routine, and the other blinds work fine. There's just a bug in some smart-arse code that thinks it knows what I want better than I do—like with Google search, really.

And of course, I don't want to have to argue with a Hub when I have people sleeping beside me anyhow. Voice commands can be useful when they work, but when there's a big touch screen right next to me, that would obviously be more convenient, if only it provided reasonable access to the devices I need most. My lights have convenient switches, but my blinds rely on Google Home, so I need easy controls for those. I'm tired of having to poke around on my phone, every time I want to control a specific one.

These Hubs have so much potential to be amazingly useful controls, but all the settings I've found are rudimentary. I feel like I'm missing the full settings page, and only see a dumbed down short list, with sleep settings and photo stream and little else. I've looked in the Google Home app and tapped all over the device itself, and even tried saying 'show me the advanced settings' and 'show me the home control settings'. So, where are the settings for making it a useful home controller?

And if Hubs really can't do this, can anyone recommend a product that can, that works with Google Home?