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Disable tunein on nest mini assistant.

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How do I stop Google nest mini using tunein to stream radio stations? I'm fed up with the adverts.


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To stop Google Nest Mini from using TuneIn to stream radio stations and avoid the ads, you can try the following steps:
1. Use Voice Commands: Instead of saying, "Hey Google, play [station] on TuneIn," you can specify a different source like "Hey Google, play [station] from iHeartRadio" or another streaming service that offers ad-free or premium subscriptions.
2. Change Default Music Service: Go to the Google Home app, tap on your device, then Settings > Music. Set a different default music service that you prefer and that might have fewer or no ads.
3. Explore Paid Streaming Services: Consider subscribing to a premium music streaming service like Spotify Premium, YouTube Music Premium, or others that provide ad-free listening experiences and integrate with Google Nest devices.
By changing the source, default music service, or subscribing to ad-free services, you can reduce or eliminate ads when streaming radio stations on your Google Nest Mini.

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Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


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@rayj7689, I appreciate your help on this thread. This is really helpful.


@AnthonyJewell, were you able to try the steps provided above? For more info about this, you may also check some commands you can use for playing music on your Google Nest speaker. 


Feel free to respond anytime if you have additional questions and I'd be happy to help.