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Google Hub, no sound on speaker on Duo calls. Mic working okay.

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We use a Google Hub to communicate with my mom.

Recently, the Hub is mostly functioning fine.  Responds to commands.  Plays music, etc.

However on Duo Calls, while the microphone works fine and we can hear her, the speaker on the hub does not work. (Though again, it works fine for everything but Duo calls.)

We've tried various voice commands.  (Most don't work while on a call.)  We've tried increasing the volume with the physical control on the back of the hub.  We've restarted and unplugged the hub.  Nothing seems to work.

Would appreciate help. 






Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi John,

I know how it feels when something isn’t working the way it should. Let’s further look into it. I wanted to check if this only happens when calling your mom, or is this happening to all contacts you called via Duo? If only with your mom, have you tried calling her using your phone’s Duo (now Meet) app and see if the call works fine? 


Try to unlink and relink your Duo account:


  • Open the Google Home app > Devices.
  • Tap your Google Nest Hub device > Settings > Voice & video calls > Call providers.
  • Unlink Duo.
  • Force close and reopen the Google Home app > Relink your Duo account.
  • Unplug your Google Nest Hub for a minute to reboot.
  • Make a Duo call.


Let me know how it goes.


Community Member

Thanks very much for your reply Alex.

My mom's hub has the same problem when my brother calls her.  We both have the problem when using both our phones and computers to call her. 

Thanks for the advice about Unlinking and Linking Duo.  Neither my brother nor I are in the same location as my mom. Will we need to be in the same location to Relink?

My mom is not capable of much.  She should be able to unplug and reboot the Hub. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello MereMortal,


Chiming in, you need to be in the same location to re-link her Duo account on the Google Home app. Also, it is best if you could try to reset her Nest Hub as well to refresh all the settings on the device.