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Google Nest Hub v1 "good morning" routine painfully slow

Community Member

I have 3 Google Home Hubs (v1 displays), 3 Google Home (original v1) speakers, a Google Max speaker, and a Google Nest Hub Max. They've all worked great for a couple of years, but the Google Home Hubs (v1) have all become painfully slow to load "routines" and respond to answers or commands at all. 

My v1 speakers and Max speaker, and Hub Max are unaffected by this issue. 


Say "Hey Google, good morning" to any speaker or Max product and the device responds almost immediately "Good Morning, Dave, it's 7:00 AM, the forecast is blah blah" followed by "hears the news:" and then it starts playing the first of my news/podcasts within a second or two, then the next one within a second or two, and so on until they're all finished.

The exact same command to any v1 hub display takes a good 15 seconds to respond with "Good morning, Dave" and then every other response is preceded by a 15-45 second moment of silence.  It's painful.  The first podcast is NPR news briefing.  It takes 15 seconds for it to say "From NPR news at 6:00 AM", then there's a 15-30 second as it loads the podcast screen and starts playing it.  Every podcast after that has the same delay loading.

Things I've done to troubleshoot:

Factory reset the devices

Moved them closer to the router 

Reconnected to WiFi 2.4GHz to where they're just 5' away.

rebooted the devices


Nothing works, and I can't find any help forums that have better suggestions.

I'm open to suggestions to try anything, this is maddening and I'm just tempted to toss these out and switch back to Alexa or Siri devices.

I understand this is "mostly a user-to-user" forum, but can anyone point me to something official with Google to file a report/trouble-ticket?  Yes, I've used the "Send Feedback feature" multiple times, but I never get an acknowledgement and the problem is never fixed.

Any help appreciated.