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Google Speaker Groups not working

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I'm also having similar problems-  Have mix of Google audio cast and google enabled speakers across the house- most of the time casting doesn't work - If I go into the home app the groups are disappearing and re-appearing alot- I'll select a group that worked the day before and only one speaker plays - it still shows all devices playing-  I can try it a few times- go in and out of the google home app and try to force it that way- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - all the firmware is up to date and it's just SOOOOO frustrating -  I even went and got a new google home speaker thinking maybe gen1 was causing an issue- nope still same problem-  COME ON GOOGLE!!!  

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I've found that making changes to your groups gets everything confused.  I added 3 Nest speakers and moved several of my older minis and home devices around.  After changing my groups around, none of them would work any more.  If I tried playing music playlists to any group, only the speaker that took the request would play.  What finally worked for me was to restart "ALL" of my speakers (minis, homes and nest speakers).  The next day, it was all working again.

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One word: Sad.

Make that two: Buyer Remorse.

A relatively new purchase of Google Nest Audio and Google Nest Mini X TWO,  I have had CONTINUED issues with Groups.

Perhaps because my purchases were 20mins before Google LOST the Sonos lawsuit/patent infringement .... 


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How do you start all minis at once and then create different groups?


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The easiest way that has worked for me is just unplugging them and plugging them back in.

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Did not work for me. This is shameful. Roon worked great . Even Apple Music. What the hell wrong with google 

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Check the Sonos / Google battle on speaker groups.

Google needed to remove features (but failed to inform us respectfully):

  • The ability to simultaneously control the volume of multiple speakers with a single command
  • The ability to adjust speaker group volume in the Google Home mobile app using your phone's physical volume controls

Since about two months adding another speaker in an active audio stream, using the HOME app, to a device in another room, is working again (in the Netherlands). The group volume slide however is still missing.

That is literally ridiculous. In 2022 that should be bare minimum specs for any multi speaker system lol

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If only that simple and they didn't lose lawsuits to Sonos after selling  features that don't exist anymore like volume control on a speaker group with your voice or casting to a speaker group with Bluetooth. 

I mean yea it works. For a day or maybe a week at best and then suddenly you're walking from the bathroom to the basement expecting the party to keep rocking and it does not. It does not rock Google why can you only sometimes get this right??


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Thank you Dan! I had restarted one of my units and did not have success, then after reading your text I went to do them all at the same time, but after I did the second one all the units started working!  

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Sounds worth a try. How do you? “restart all your speakers?”










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Community Specialist

Hey there,

Sorry for the late response, but I wanted to drop in here to help. 


I understand that it can be frustrating when your speaker groups aren't working like you want them to but I wanted to stop by and see how I could help. 


Just wanted to double check to see if you were still needing help on this? If so, what troubleshooting steps have you tried? 


Please let me know. 


Best regards, 

Garrett DS

Great thanks! So much!! I’ve confirmed all devices are on latest firmware. I’ve rebooted all devices and  my network again... right now it's stable- but this usually only lasts for a few days... 

Hi Garrett,


New issue here. I’ve added my Samsung Q950A Soundbar to Google home. It appears in the list of devices in my “Family Room”. However, when I go to create a speaker group with the sound bar and my Nest Hub, the Q950A soundbar does not appear in the list of speakers to select to create the group. Any ideas on how to get the 950a to appear  in the speaker group list of options?

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I have the same problem too.  I setup my network as an Asus AIMesh, so I have several routers around the house that are connected to each other.  I think my problem is that the google speakers connect to different devices and different bands. Even though the main router sees it as one single network, I don't think Google home does.

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Yes, I use ASUS AImesh and I have this issue. I have tested several scenarios. It seems to work best with both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands setup in the 40mhz frequency only.

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I just experienced the same issue with all my Google devices after installing Wi-Fi repeaters.  The repeaters connect to the network via wire and repeat the same Wi-Fi network throughout the house.   This is a Google software issue.  

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Well, as we now find out more and more about Sonos successful lawsuit against Google I think we can all feel justified that we knew something was up with google's speaker groups and there recent issues. My question is, what compensation will Google provide for the customers who purchased numerous Google home speakers under the presumption they would work as advertised, specifically as a relatively inexpensive way to have wifi connected speakers throughout the home ( one of three patent infringements Google lost).  They already pulled Google home minis from the shelves and I'm hearing rumors they may need to completely re do their line of smart speakers to comply with the ruling.  


We all lose.  I wonder if Google home minis are useful as urinal cakes?

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Josh86, while your concept is interesting you will find there are almost no issues whatsoever with speaker groups if your network is simply controlled by a single router.  The vast majority of issues occur when using a mesh network or range extenders therefore your argument does not stand.  I will say that Google has done a piss poor job of adapting to mesh networks or at least publishing network configuration requirements for using speaker groups and are staying mute on the topic but I think that it is simply due to their engineers and their management whom I think are lazy, unprofessional, overpaid losers!

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Oh how I wish you were right about it being such a simple fix. I really, really do.  But youre incorrect. I've never had a mesh network, and I've only had a single router. This worked perfectly for about a year and a half, and then not. I've tried everything( at different homes, in different locations, in Canada and the US.) Every place has the same speaker groups issue. Which is why I'm here with thousands of others posting about google's now failure of a product.  

Same here. I’m super close to calling Google to start ranting to their people. This is so frustrating.

Good luck. They will hang up on u.

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Do better google. Your support went up in smokr.

Sounds like a class action lawsuit is needed

Read up about the lawsuit... It's the real deal, I'm afraid... 

Used to be not all devices in the group would play. I could add the devices through my home hub. So although a pain not really catastrophic. However, My speaker groups have been working properly for a while now. Sure I can’t set volume at the group level but I can live with it for now. 
one other point I would like to make… I used to be really impressed with the user support I got from google for my google home products. But it really fell off after the NEST rebranding. Now it’s hard to get any response. Anyone else have that experience?

Same experience here RE: Customer Service. Can't get a response for "help" within the app, and when I call in, I just get out on hold until I eventually hang up. Even tried the call back option and no one responded. They used to have great CS...

So I was able to fix my groups. I have them all connected on the Google Mesh. Randomly stopped working a few weeks back when I moved a couple speakers to different rooms and renamed them (at that time I deleted my groups and rebuilt with the new speaker names). Not sure if this will work for others, but I went in and removed every speaker and speaker group from my Google Home App, unplugged every speaker as well, then plugged them in one by one and readdded them. Some asked to be re-linked (which only takes a second) and some just asked what room to be added to. Not sure why the difference. Once I had them all added back in, I built the speaker groups again (upstairs, downstairs, deck, all) and they seem to be working fine both casting from my phone and via voice command. Good luck everyone. Still hoping Google CS gets back to the way it was. It was a huge asset for those of us who don't want to troubleshoot ourselves and just talk to someone who can help.

I have a REAL problem with the number of companies that rely on their customers to solve problems ...FOR THEIR OTHER CUSTOMERS. 

Perhaps an employment agreement along with suitable compensation is in order....

I Wholeheartedly agree. I've said it out loud more than once..

I am tired of being an unpaid beta tester for all these products. It would be amazing if every single person who bought these **bleep**e speakers returned them  to Google. 

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Incorrect. My speaker groups almost never work properly and i have a single router

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Not true, one small house, one new router, 10gig service- won't hold group status in Home app  or play through groups/voice command 

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Only 1 router ever-

No mesh-

3 speakers that dissapear/reappear from home app Daily.

My Speaker group will sometimes work for 5 minutes than stop. Than completley dissappear from home app. The 3 speakers are still in home seperate.  Group dissappear.

Sound lags constantly.

My wifi speeds are over 345mbps. Download 175mbps upload ( very fast wifi) 

My carriage house is under 1100 sq feet .

Google has delivered a garbage product and a garbage app.

Extremely gross considering google is a Titan.

To busy trying to control information,  stopping free speech , limiting the sharing of  thoughts and opinions and trying to control elections to worry about us peasants they ripped off with inferior tech...


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Thanks for that input.  I have Google Mesh and was thinking about trashing it to get a single WIFI router to see if that fixed my problem, but doesn't sound like it will.  You're right, Google has really let customers down on this one.

I cry BS on this... i dont have a mesh network... just a single router... and nothing but trouble since Jan 2022

Home group is not playing music

Nor anything else !  After my daily round of unplugging speakers, clearing the cache etc etc and the speakers finally produce some  sound. There's always a lag. Very annoying when it's video. The sound sync feature is just as Useless as your average woke Google employee🤣

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if u want to help then just drop ur solution here. dont ask and just stop there. 

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I can use help. My home group was working yesterday...but today when I say "play music on (my group name) I get nothing...just the tone that the speakers are trying to connect.