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Google home mini not connecting

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I got my nest mini (home mini gen 2) about 5 months ago and it has been working fine. It just started not working and showed unavailable in the home app. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in, the 4 white lights illuminated and then disappeared and it was unresponsive. I factory reset it several times. Each time the 4 colorful lights would illuminate and then turn white and the device would be unresponsive. After factory reset the device would not be detected by the app when trying to add a new device. I am out of ideas here. 




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SAME HERE, not working, i was able to use it for 2 day's then nothing, can't even see the WIFI or BT, i have reset it ~20 times so far.

waste of time

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@Damukhar, @shishon12, things certainly haven't been easy for you and thank you for doing the troubleshooting steps ― let's check it out. A few questions: when you did the factory reset, was it the same steps as what's seen on this link? What phone are you using for the set up? What's the status of your Nest Mini's LED lights? Were there changes on your Wi-Fi before the disconnection happened? 


It would help a lot if you could do a sequential reboot first:


  1. Unplug the power cord of your router/modem followed by your Nest speakers.
  2. Plug them back in after 3 minutes tops.
  3. Restarting your phone might also help.


Once done, check if you're able to see your Nest speakers hotspot when you go to your phone's Wi-Fi settings. Connect to it first and proceed with the set up. Things to remember during the set up:


  • Disable your phone's  mobile/cellular data.
  • Make sure the phone is on Wi-Fi.
  • Enable Bluetooth(iOS).
  • Enable Local Network Access; go to phone settings>privacy>local network access of Google Home.


Keep us posted.




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Hi Dan,

thank you for helping, I will try to give as much data as I can.

I just finished a conversation with Google Support, and after a long hour of trying to solve it, we gave up.

i'm an army Vet with PTSD, got it as a gift (donation) so i don't know if it's in warranty or not

as for what you asked:

when you did the factory reset- i would say we had like 8 resets in total (with and without the support team)

i'm using Samsung Note 9, but i did try it on different devices such as Lenovo Tablet and Xiaomi Redmi note8, same results, i changed the cable and location in my house, i was trying to sit "ON" the router.

as for lights, this is what's happening after reset or rebooting.

lights start white moving from side to side after some time lights change to all the colors and some music, then I hear it say "welcome to Google, please install Home...."

then NOTHING, if i press the Up\Down Volume then i see light and the voice of Vol Up\down

if i put the Mic off, i see 4 orange lights and a massage saying my Mic is off.

and again BIG NOTHING no lights nothing.

  • Disable your phone's mobile/cellular data. done that
  • Make sure the phone is on Wi-Fi. ON
  • Enable Bluetooth(iOS). Android and still BT is ON (not showing the Speaker)
  • Enable Local Network Access; go to phone settings>privacy>local network access of Google Home. Done (same results)








Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi shishon12,


Apologies the answers you're looking for are not found and thank you for speaking with a representative from our phone support team. If I may, what's the solution they provided? What happened when you tried setting up your Nest Mini on your Google Home app? What is the error message?


It would help us a lot if you could try reaching out to your ISP to see if there are changes that have happened preventing your Nest Mini from connecting. In the meantime, may I have the case ID, if provided, so that I can check on the detailed notes they did during your phone call?


Looking forward to your response.




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to be honest, I don't know.

still waiting for a reply from the support team, I was asked to fill out a form with details about the device and some Pictures, but unfortunately, i have no recipe or where it was bought, it was donated to me (Army Vet PTSD)

as for now I cannot connect to the device, when looking for a new Device in "Home" I don't find it, even when i chose "Speaker" the same results, in my opinion, the communication service (or any equivalent) is not starting

as for the Error message, I don't know of any "Log-File" and even if one exists i cannot access it.

as for the App Part, i can't even see the device so no Error.

as for my ISP, i own my own equipment router and modem, and no changes were made.

even if they did make a change i should have at least seen the Mini or tried to connect and gotten an error saying no internet, but the device has "gone Under", responds to touch and Mic "on\off"  "your mic is off" Massage and after reboot, i get the "welcome massage"

and Yes sure, thanks!

Your Google Support Inquiry: Case ID [1-3891000033511]


Community Member

i would like to share my disappointment with GOOGLE.

as I said a good man or woman has decided to donate a Google Mini to me an Army vet that has PTSD

but the device has an issue, after talking to google and explaining that i got it as a donation, i got an answer from Google saying "it appears that a replacement isn't currently possible under your device's warranty status. Your device's warranty has already expired. "

Yes, Google has no obligation to me, But you know what?!, if i was a manager In google i would donate new device (talking about Gen 1)

But they didn't.

THE GOOD NEWS is that Amazon might send me a Speaker to help me deal with life with PTSD.

so, i must say that google for now is a real disappointment, everyone is talking about helping army Vet LOL

but when it comes to one person that only needs some help, then "We are sorry but..."

i hope to get my New Alexa soon, and thanks to Amazon (if they will send it) for donating this device to me.

so hello Amazon and goodbye Google.

as a former Manager At HP, I used to donate laptops, and monitors, those devices are going to the garbage anyway after 3 years employees get new Devices and the old ones?, well i had the power to change some unlucky people's life.

now I'm on the outer side and have no one to reach out Google Mini is going to the Garbage

the first time and Last time.

time to remove google Home and welcome Alexa 🤠 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi shishon12,


We checked your case and saw that your Nest Mini's warranty has already expired. That said, they won't be able to proceed with its replacement. You can check this link for our replacement policy: 


We know that this isn't the answer you're looking for and we hope we can make it up to you in the future. Also, please be advised that this thread will be locked after 24 hours.


Kind regards,