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Google nest mini sleep sound problem!?

Community Member

Hi everyone 

we have 3 nest mini speakers main bedroom and two daughters 


we have no music subscription and we all use “hey google play rain sounds” when we all go to bed, lately it is playing up and seems to have gone mad


I use the google home app on my phone, i can see all the speakers, sometimes it states they  are offline but can still play the wave sounds!?


sometimes it can take atleast a minute for the sounds to start 


sometimes it randomly stops during the night 

nothing has changed in the house, we have talktalk fibre 150 so speed  is not a problem 

1- where does the google speakers actually draw the wave sounds from? (We don’t have Spotify/Apple Music) have they changed something 

2- I restarted the speakers and set them all back up again but the same thing happens


it keeps telling me to check Internet connection but it’s connected 


the wifi hub has been restarted and is in the same position as always 


thanks for any help


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Monkeyboy1975,


Thanks for reaching out and for providing detailed information on your issue and the steps that you've done — these are of great help!


A few things: are you using a dual band router? If so, you need to check if your phone is connected to the same network as your Nest Mini’s are connected to. You can uninstall and reinstall the Google Home app then check if you will experience the same thing. To isolate the issue you can use another phone and install Google Home app then observe if it will make a difference. 


The ambient sound that your Nest Mini is using came from our database and there are plenty of options to choose from. Below is the list of Ambient sound options.


  • Relaxing sounds
  • Nature sounds
  • Water sounds
  • Running water sounds
  • Babbling brook sounds
  • Oscillating fan sounds
  • Fireplace sounds
  • Forest sounds
  • Country night sounds
  • Ocean sounds
  • Rain sounds
  • River sounds
  • Thunderstorm sounds
  • White noise

Check this link for more information.


Hope this helps.





thank you for the reply!


i solved the problem!


i recently installed a talktalk WiFi extender in my daughter’s room , I turned this off and all the speakers work throughout the night!


thank you again 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


I’m glad your issue is resolved now. I’ll keep this thread open for 1 more day. If you need further help, let me know.