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Viewing your Google Nest camera’s history on a Nest Hub Max

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@Google It seems as if Google redirects my question any way I propose it when searching on Google for the answer to this. Is this on purpose as it’s not a selling highlight that you can’t access any of your Google Nest camera’s Nest Aware video history? Yes I can view all my cameras but that’s IT, I purchased more than one Hub Max which should be able to do everything my iPhone does if not more, right? How can I not view any of my 9 Google Nest cameras’s video history on this Google device, nor use it to talk through any of my Google Nest cameras?! Yes I have the plus subscription for Nest Aware, however there is no video history, no way to access it, and there is no mic button available while viewing my cams to broadcast my voice through my cameras. Should I replace all my Hub Max’s with iPads to get the full functionality out of my Google products, services and equipment? If I don’t have full functionality on your flagship display, what’s the point? Really hope I missed something here because good luck searching on Google for this answer and getting a valid result. Please advise and thanks in advance if you have or have found this answer.




Google Nest does NOT give us the ability to view any video history on our Nest Hubs or Nest Hub Maxes.  And we can only talk through our doorbells, but NOT our cameras.

Well that IS unfortunate.

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Hi folks,


@MplsCustomer, thanks for the help.


@msmith2383, I understand that this would be a helpful feature, however this option is not available. In line of this, we want to encourage you to send feedback from your end and we’re hoping for all the possibilities by taking our user’s feedback and suggestions. 


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