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Hearing static when using aux on Google Max speaker

Community Member


This issue just started happening. I have had the Google Home Max speaker for four years. I use it to play audio from my Samsung tv. I had to purchase an optical audio cord and converter to connect the devices. The speaker works totally fine when I cast audio from my phone. However, the aux will not work. I can’t hear any audio coming from the tv, only static. How do you solve this issue?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Glennmarsh20,

Thanks for posting—let's further look into this. Have you used a different aux stereo 3.5 mm. (⅛ inch) cable to your Google Home Max? If not, give it a try. Also, try to put Google Home Max in different placements:


  • Horizontal placement: If the Home Max is placed horizontally, it outputs stereo sound. Most music is produced in stereo. Use this placement for a wider soundstage.
  • Vertical placement: If the Home Max is placed vertically, it outputs mono sound.


Let me know how it goes.