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Home Hub not running routine correctly (Reading Calendar)

Community Member


Off and on I've had issues with home hub and lenovo smart clock running my "good morning" routine when triggered by the alarm being dismissed. I initially attributed this to the lenovo clock not being about to be "a starter" device, so I switch to the home hub (v1) and the same thing happens. The Routine that should run is to tell me the weather and tell me what's on the calendar today. It will tell me the weather, but, not the calendar. Personal Results are on, Voice Match is on. I've tried using the baked in personal routine for "good morning" and also tried creating a new one to no avail. The assistant says "I ran into trouble, try turning personal results on", which I have. 


The odd thing, is if I trigger the routine from my phone in the app, it runs fine through the Hub, but, if I turn off the alarm as the trigger, it only reads weather. I've gone through the removal and readding process, rebooting, remaking routines, and I cannot find why this won't work. It's like the hub isn't "assigned to me". It used to say "Good morning Ben", now it just says "Good Morning".


At wits end........