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Is there an easy way to skip ahead

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I have found that I love listening to old time radio shows on my google mini with a sleep timer on.   It allows me to block out the world (and my teenagers) and concentrate on something which helps me fall asleep.

I do listen to various shows - and they come from various sources.


If I ask my google mini to "OK GOOGLE, PLAY X minus ONE", 

it replies:"Playing X minus 1" on spotify.

That's great.   It plays episode 1, and then goes onto episode 2 afterward etc.

If I want to go to a later episode, I say "OK GOOGLE, SKIP"

But, now that I have been listening to this particular set of shows for a few weeks, I know have to say "OK GOOGLE, SKIP" about 20+ times.

Is there some way to say "OK GOOGLE SKIP 20 times?".   (I've tried doing things like "OK GOOGLE GO AHEAD 3 Hours", but that doesn't seem to work)

If I know the name of a  particular show, I can get to it directly "OK GOOGLE PLAY X-1 THE DEFENDERS", but then it doesn't go on to future shows

I have this same issue with other shows, but I thought I'd throw out a specific example to see if any of you have better ideas.

Thank you.



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Ehm, educated guess here.. have you tried "skip 10 minutes" or similar?

Yes, it will go forward 10 minutes, but it will not skip into or beyond the next episode.

Right, so episode boundaries are the obstacle. This is product expert territory, hope one of those will pick it up soon.

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Community Specialist

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