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Kid account (FamilyLink) can't make video call on Nest Hub Max when recognized by voice/face match

Community Member

We have a new Nest Hub Max and there's an issue preventing my 10-year-old from using it to make video calls via Duo/Meet. The kid has a Google account that's part of our FamilyLink. I've set up voice match and face match for the child and that works as expected on the Nest Hub. The child has a phone and has set up Duo/Meet with the Google Account and phone number, and can make Meet calls from the phone just fine.
When asking the Nest hub to start a video call (or tapping on the household contact video call), it recognized the child and responds saying to go in the Google Home app and set up Duo calling. When doing that, I get a message saying Google Duo has been disabled for your account.

This has to be a bug, right? Duo/Meet is definitely enabled for the child's account -- they can make video calls on Meet from the phone just fine.

Only workaround I've found is for me to ask Google to initiate the video call, then it voice matches to me and calls via my account. Obviously this won't work for my child to call me when I'm out of the house ... which is one of the features I wanted this hub for!