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Kids YouTube history

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For a while now I have been unable to view my child's YouTube history. They love using the Google Assistant to watch videos on the Nest Hub. I used to be able to view their history about a year ago then somehow that stopped. I can only see my own history via the YouTube app on my phone. My child is signed into the device with their own Google accounts but they are part of the family (set up as my child in Family Link).

I've struggled to resolve this. Any suggestions very welcome!


Many thanks.


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Weird, can you login to in your  laptop and able to see the history of your children there?


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Community Specialist

Hey Trubbabubba,


Thanks for reaching out.


You can review your child’s watch history for YouTube Kids in Watch it again.

On your child’s mobile device or tablet:


  • Tap Watch it again at the top of the home screen.

On your child’s computer:


  • In the top corner of the screen, select your child’s profile picture to view the Watch it again videos.

Note: Only videos viewed in YouTube Kids on that device will show up in Watch it again.


You can review your child’s watch history for their supervised account on your child’s device:


  1. Go to the My Activity page.
  2. Select “YouTube History”.
  3. Select “Manage activity”.
  4. Scroll to go to all past activity.

If you still can't see any history, we highly suggest contacting YouTube support since they're the best team that can answer your questions about YouTube settings. Let us know if we can help with your Google Nest Hub otherwise, I'll go ahead and lock this thread after 24 hours.


We appreciate the help, diynet!




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Just tried that and nothing for my child. Only my own history (same as I see on the app).