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Lenovo Smart Clock failure

Community Member

The instruction to stop my Lenovo Smart Clock speaker with a delay of several minutes has stopped working. The instruction is repeated by the device… eg Stop speaker playing in 10 minutes. But it Carrie’s on playing after that time. This is a new problem. Please help!


Thanks very much for the advice Rachel. I have reset to factory settings several times but that did not resolve the issue. I even bought a new Levono Smart Clock which had the same problem from start-up. Basically, both devices accept and repeat my instructions to switch off the speaker after a set delay. But the speaker carries on playing. Is this a new system problem? What else can I do to fix it? This function worked perfectly well for several weeks when I bought the first device.





Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@RachelGomez123, thanks for the help.


@Sandyquestion, we appreciate you doing the steps before posting. And doing the reboot and factory reset didn't work, I highly recommend you contact Lenovo support. This channel is for troubleshooting Google Nest devices. It is best to report this with an online/phone/chat support related to your concern for better assistance. If you need help with your Google Home/Nest devices, please do not hesitate to reply as I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.