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Logon to Secure websites

Community Member

I would like to know how to logon to secure websites using Nest Hub.  We use to store recipes which we want to access in the Kitchen for obvious reasons.  But we have to manually logon every time we go to the site.   Is there a way to store usernames and passwords for secure sites so that you don't have to type them in every single visit and when the screen times out?

Given that digital security in 2022 is a requirement on most sites and therefore logons are required I would have thought this would have been possible.  To have to type complex passwords renders the Nest hub useless to us.  

I can see others having the same issue but it has not been answered.  Such as this post

Has anyone found a work around?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Blackbird71,


Having this kind of feature can really be useful with your Nest Hub however, as you’ve mentioned, the digital security login as a requirement on sites is not available on Nest devices. The purpose is to secure your credentials and our Nest speakers really do not work as a tablet or phone. 


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