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Media Alarms are stopping??

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Last night, after I set up my daily media alarm for this morning, I got a google message saying that Media Alarms will stop on February 1st and that it will be replaced by a regular "alarm sound"??!!   This better not be.   I will NOT be happy about this one bit.  I do not want to be woken up with an alarm beep or tone.  I want to wake up in the morning with sound of music of my choice or radio station.  Is anyone else getting this message?   Like I said, if this is the case, I will be switching to *gasp* Alexa!  

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Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hi @vs271 

Unfortunately it seems they are making a number of changes to how google assistant works.

See this link:

As you can see the second bullet point is concerning media alarms.

As it says it is possible to simulate the old media alarms using personal routines.


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For under $20, it's more than worth just having an echo as a media alarm Clock. But the more I look at the Alexa app, the more I see how poorly designed the Home app is in comparison. Echo also sounds better as a speaker.